Rules of Fertilizing Petunias

Petunia has been and remains a favorite of many generations of gardeners. Without it, it is hard to imagine the city and a bed, and a rustic garden. To Petunia pleased the eyes and soul of abundant flowering all season, it needs systematic feeding.

Of course, it is worth remembering that it is always better to underfeed than overfeed. And another important condition must be observed: at a certain period of life, the plant needs certain fertilizers, and not those that are at hand or in the nearest store.

Feeding – it’s good, but they – not a panacea for all ills: they can not make up for the lack of lighting or excess watering. Therefore, deciding to get a chic Petunia, take as a rule: the primary optimal growing conditions, feeding – secondary. Without options.

Rules of Fertilizing Petunias

But in fact, experienced growers are advised to issue fertilizer to petunias approached calmly, without fanaticism. And even select the optimal composition and frequency of fertilizing empirically, assessing the reaction of the plant to a particular drug (only if the planting was not used fertilizers prolonged action).

When to start feeding

If petunias are sown in a common container, it is better not to tighten with a dive (optimally – in the phase of cotyledon leaves). By feeding can begin at least 10-14 days after the change of residence of the seedlings (it is necessary to give time to the seedlings to adapt to the new place, because even a carefully conducted dive will still be a stress for them).

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If seedlings grow in peat tablets, feeding can begin with the appearance of the second real sheet.

What you need to know about feeding for petunias:

  • the root is performed only on the wet ground! Plants are watered with clean water at least an hour before fertilization;
  • liquid or soluble forms of fertilizers are preferred;
  • Petunia fed throughout the growing season.

How to be a problem with seedlings

If the crops failed (it happens), do not rush to fill the microscopic sprouts fertilizers! First, experienced growers are of the opinion that the use of weak seedlings will not – from bad seed do not expect a good tribe. And sow Petunia anew, with fresh seeds. Secondly, even if you decide to give a chance to stunted shoots, they will need special attention and care: you need to provide additional illumination, try to maintain the optimal temperature for petunias +18…+20°C during the day and about +15°C at night.

Rules of Fertilizing Petunias

When the depressing factors are eliminated, you can try to “revive” the seedlings with b vitamins. In a conventional pharmacy, buy vitamins in ampoules (B1 or B6, B12), immediately before use, prepare a working solution: mix 1 liter of warm (+25…+30°C) water and the contents of 1 ampoule. Spray the seedlings 1 time in 7 days. Also for this purpose, Immunostimulants are used. After these activities, the plants quickly go to growth.

Feeding before flowering

Regular feeding (once a week) begin with the appearance of the second present sheet, alternating root (when the plants are watered under the root with a solution of fertilizers) and foliar (when the solution is sprayed on the leaves). Now young plants need to increase shoots, to form a lush Bush, so nitrogen must be present in the composition of fertilizers. They continue to be used until the first buds. Usually by this time the seedlings are already planted in a permanent place – in flower beds, hanging baskets or balcony boxes.

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Rules of Fertilizing Petunias

Fertilizing for flowering

As a rule, by this time the Petunia bushes are well formed, well developed. Now their primary task – to provide abundant long-term flowering, so choose compositions with a higher content of phosphorus and potassium. Usually fertilizing is made once a week, but there are options: many growers practice more frequent application – in 2-3 days, or even with each watering, but the drug is diluted 3-4 times weaker. On this mode of fertilizing plants respond better.

In conclusion, I would like to warn gardeners from excessive zeal.

Fertilize, but measure know!

Do not overfeed Petunia, all is well in moderation! Excess fertilizer will not go for the future: the diameter of the flowers still will not reach half a meter, alas. But the risk of fungal diseases and various rot will increase many times, and you need it?

Rules of Fertilizing Petunias

Treat your petunias with love and care, do not demand from them more than they can give. And keep an eye on their condition, so as not to miss an alarm signal about the onset of the disease or the appearance of pests.

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