Curbs — the Right Solution for Your Territory

As a true artist, the gardener puts his soul into his flower beds, and therefore, “frame” should be worthy of these masterpieces. What to choose-from stone, metal, wood or wicker? The right decision will tell the image of your site.

You probably noticed how much the presence of a frame affects the perception of a picture or photo. This also applies to the edged flower beds – ” difficult decoration “in a special way woven into the landscape context of the garden, changing its”face”. Well, planting in a stylish frame already look like a work of art.

What to focus on when choosing a material for edging? For starters, consider whether it is temporary or framing should last for decades. For example, the fence and the wooden fence (especially from soft wood and without impregnation with protective agents) will have to be restored from time to time, because the wood fibers decompose quickly. But the stone and metal can be safely entrusted to border protection for many years. Also, the choice of material depends largely on the style of the garden in General and flower gardens in particular.

Curbs — the Right Solution for Your Territory
In the garden in a natural style edging of boulders looks more harmonious. By the way, in the seams of this border like to settle cute fauna – lizards, spindles and bumblebees

The most durable and do not require care primarily “frame” of stone. If the plates are small, it is enough to put them in a row on a” pillow ” of sand or gravel and stabilize the cement-sand solution. But for the installation of large high plates will have to make more effort, because they need a Foundation (more in the block below). In raw form, this material looks great in the garden of natural style, and polished slabs with clear geometric shapes are excellent borders for the site with a classic and modern design.

Curbs — the Right Solution for Your Territory
Lay out around the perimeter of the landing of stone blocks and pour into the garden ground-get a raised flower garden. And if you add an ensemble of lamps, in the dark and already a beautiful corner will turn into a fabulous oasis

For rustic flower beds the ideal solution would be clinker. By the way, the bricks are not necessarily spread in a neat row: they can be dug on the border of the landing angle up — get a decorative fence-zigzag.

Curbs — the Right Solution for Your Territory
Clinker bricks, installed in the ground on the edge and fastened together with cement-sand mortar, separate the flower garden from the track as a toothed border.

The latest trend in the design of gardens in completely different styles — the use of Corten steel. The basis of this simple, but very effective and durable material is an alloy of metals, extremely moisture — resistant even without anti-corrosion coating. Natural rust, which covers the profiles with a thick layer, reliably protects the inner part of the element from destruction. By the way, the new, freshly acquired Corten steel looks no different from stainless steel — it has the same characteristic gray color. The rust-brown patina alloy is only covered over time.

Curbs — the Right Solution for Your Territory
Profiles of Corten steel are increasingly used for fencing flower beds. They are flexible enough and are ideal for edging objects of the most intricate winding shape.

The secret of the popularity of steel profiles is simple — they are flexible and look stylish. And for the installation of such structures do not need an additional basis.

The country-style gardens and plots are ideal for wicker trees. You can buy ready-made elements or make a fence with his own bars. However, remember that the life of this natural material is very short, and live “fences” in a couple of years will have to be repaired or changed.

Curbs — the Right Solution for Your Territory
Mini-fences of the fence — the best option for rustic garden and garden framing. Such a nice fence is easy to make with your own hands.

Durable alternative to a wicker fence — low wrought iron border made of metal. It, like a wicker product, you just need to install on the border of the flower garden-and all!

Curbs — the Right Solution for Your Territory
Forged elements contribute to the creation of a romantic entourage. They decorate the landing and at the same time separate it from the surrounding area. The bonus of such a fence-it can be rearranged if necessary.

Left: simple and tasteful-clay pots, which gather dust in the barn or basement, you can insert one into the other and put in a row along the border of the flower garden. Right: no storage space for firewood? Fold them in neat piles between the track and flower beds-this fence-the warehouse looks catchy and unusual.

Curbs — the Right Solution for Your Territory
Left: clay pots on the border of the flower garden. Right: fence-a warehouse of wood.

A simple solution can be to buy ready-made fences, they are often sold in sets of individual sections.

Master class: a simple version of the edging

Install flexible systems for framing – garden profiles of aluminum or steel or curbs of rubber or plastic — can each gardener. In our case, we use metal profiles with a height of 15-20 cm.

1. Moisten the soil and dig a trench a few centimeters wide and 10-15 cm deep along the flower bed (it should be equal to half the height of the profile). Now carefully remove all the speakers designated for the border planting the roots of the plants.

Curbs — the Right Solution for Your Territory
1. Moisten the soil and dig a trench along the flower bed.

2. Install profiles in the trench. To make them stand straight, stick the pegs on both sides.

Curbs — the Right Solution for Your Territory
2. Install profiles in the trench.

3. Drive each profile with a rubber hammer, pre-putting on the edge of the profile of the rubber nozzle, so as not to bend the metal. Carefully tamp the ground on both sides of the profile and remove the pegs.

Curbs — the Right Solution for Your Territory
3. Hammer each profile with a rubber hammer.

They need a solid Foundation

Both low and high fences made of stone or concrete slabs must be installed on a solid Foundation. To do this, dig a trench with the Foundation. The depth of the well is calculate like this: one third of the height of the plate plus an additional 20-30 cm

Curbs — the Right Solution for Your Territory
They need a solid Foundation

  1. Along the entire length of the trench, pour a layer of about 20 cm on the bottom of the gravel and tamp it.
  2. Prepare the cement-sand solution, fill the trench layer of 10-20 cm and alternately install it in the plate. Tip: to make the elements stand straight, pre-pull the cord along the trench.
  3. When the mortar hardens, sprinkle with the two sides still some rubble. At the end of the distribute along the fence garden land.

Tip: in the case of a raised flower garden fence made of high plates from the side of the landing is further insulated with a thick film.

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