Beauty Begins… In the Gut

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Not all people, unfortunately, know that the intestine and healthy skin are two concepts that are inextricably linked. It would seem that one of the digestive organs can affect the skin, because they are even located at a distance from each other? However, there is a connection, and forget about it – is to harm yourself!

What’s the connection between skin and intestines?

Popular wisdom, adopted by a large number of doctors, says that a person looks like he eats. And this is not surprising, because it is through the gastrointestinal tract in the body receives nutrients necessary for its renewal, development, growth.

The skin is no exception. Through the gut it gets:

  • protein required for the normal construction of new cells;
  • vitamins which are necessary not only for resistance to negative influences from the outside, but also for maintenance of normal processes of a metabolism;
  • fats, also involved in the construction of new cell structures;
  • carbohydrates needed to keep the skin healthy and firm.

Meanwhile, many tend to forget about the fact that the condition of the skin directly depends on the health of the intestine. Suffering from constant skin problems, a person usually turns to a dermatologist, trying to find drugs or cosmetics in the hope of a result. And instead, it is often necessary to go to the reception to the gastroenterologist.

What the bowel does

The intestine is not only the organ responsible for the intake of various nutrients important for normal life. It performs other functions, the violation of which can adversely affect the skin. What are these functions?

Beauty Begins... In the Gut

  • Partial neutralization of harmful microorganisms

Pathogens enter the human body regularly. They are neutralized not only by the immune system, but also by the intestine. If this function of the organ is disturbed – do not wait long for inflammatory processes in the skin.

  • Maintaining water-salt balance

The human intestine is the organ through which the liquid is absorbed. And without enough liquid to put on beautiful skin is impossible. If the function of water absorption is disturbed, the person suffers from dry skin.

  • Excretion of toxins, metabolic products

Thanks to the digestive tract, various substances not only enter the body, but also leave it. It is impossible to imagine a beautiful skin, if the human body is full of metabolic products, which can not be derived due to poor bowel function.

  • Maintaining a healthy microflora

The gut is sterile environment. It is a huge number of live a variety of bacteria. They help a person to assimilate food; allocate a number of substances necessary for the normal operation of the body. Disorders in the microflora are called dysbacteriosis, and it can also cause all kinds of skin problems.

Signs of a healthy intestine

To even without a visit to the doctor to understand whether your intestine is healthy, you need to know what is considered the norm, and what is a deviation from it. A number of simple signs will help to Orient.

Beauty Begins... In the Gut

  • Regular chair

It is worth paying attention to how often you go to the toilet. After all, constipation is a real scourge of modern man living in a big city. And if there is constipation, in the body inevitably there is an accumulation of toxic products.

  • Flat stomach

If the intestine works properly, the human abdomen is flat. Bloating, excessive bulging of the abdomen often indicates that the gas formation is wrong, there is an inflammatory process or stagnation of feces.

  • Clear skin

Skin condition is one of the main indicators of intestinal health. No cosmetic product can perfectly eliminate all visible defects if a person has problems with the digestive tract.

  • The lack of specific symptoms

If a person does not complain of bloating after eating, abdominal pain and other obvious signs of problems with the digestive process — there is a possibility that these problems really do not exist. However, it is important to remember that the absence of symptoms is not always a clear sign of the absence of deviations from the norm!

What to do if there are already problems

Dysbacteriosis, various digestive disorders, inadequate elimination of toxins from the body – all this can lead to serious skin problems. Dryness, acne, acne and other defects are inevitable companions of deviations in the bowel. What to do?

Beauty Begins... In the Gut

First of all, you should review your lifestyle and diet. You need regular exercise, minimizing sedentary work. It is necessary to follow a simple diet, refusing harmful food, making the diet balanced, with enough vitamins and minerals.

Beauty Begins... In the Gut

A good helper in the normalization of the intestine – soluble fiber. It differs from the insoluble more gentle effect on the body, and it can be obtained from vegetables and fruits. However, in order for the intestine to have enough soluble fiber, a person needs to eat a lot of plant food per day.

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