Bukhara Fleeceflower – Unpretentious Plant

Over the years of passion for floriculture, I came to a firm belief: the more flowers are already growing in my flower beds, the more I want new and new!

Flower shops, rows of plants in the markets, friends, neighbors-all fall into the search area. Believe me, even just walking down the street, scanning the view of all the front gardens, suddenly come across something interesting! Thus, Bukhara fleeceflower was discovered. However, I didn’t know his name, on top of the inner fence was the visible tip of green, covered with white flowers. All sides stuck out a long reddish shoots, looking for support. Unable to leave, I knocked on the gate. Not very friendly hostess Bukhara fleeceflower did not understand my admiration for her plant. With great difficulty managed to beg her to sell me a stalk in the fall. It is a pity that she did not allow to photograph her Bukhara fleeceflower, but I will describe everything I saw and learned. Maybe the idea will be useful to someone.

She had a pretty old cherry tree. They cut down all the branches, leaving only a few skeletal, the biggest, long 1-1,5 m. Right the barrel was planted Bukhara fleeceflower, which over the summer has covered the barrel and formed on the skeletal branches of a huge tip of the twisted shoots. Very soon my house was almost this picture! Counting on the rapid growth, I planted Bukhara fleeceflower near an old shed to admire the flowers, and the overall look ennoble.

Bukhara Fleeceflower - Unpretentious Plant

In order to tame the lush vine a little and not to let it damage the roof (an old slate on it), I cut Bukhara fleeceflower almost at the roof level every autumn. At first I could not understand why he was so eager to go there? And then guessed it-the sun! It is planted in a place where the sun is about before lunch, then the shadow. On the shadow side and flowering is not so abundant.

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Bukhara Fleeceflower - Unpretentious Plant

Very valuable, in my opinion, the advantage of Bukhara fleeceflower – it does not give root shoots, resistant to diseases and pests. And easily propagated by cuttings, but does not like transplantation. If you decide to buy, choose the option with a closed root system. I cut the cuttings last year, and the girls took one and planted it in the garden. Just stuck it in the ground and watered it. By the end of summer shoots were 3-4 m, all covered with flowers! A friend saw stunned with admiration, and wanted to own . Dug up with a huge lump of earth, wrapped with a damp cloth and wrapped in a plastic bag. All the same, the leaves drooped before our eyes … Advised to cut after planting and watering, but in moderation. I hope it surviving, and very soon my friend will have the same wonderful vine.

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