Convenient Weeding: Chairs, Mats, Knee Pads, Benches

Weeding gives me the most problems. I can’t squat, because the traditional “up-you-know-what” pose is getting harder over the years. There are two options: either on your knees or sitting. Ideally-sitting not on a stool or high chair, from which you need to lean (which is very inconvenient and not particularly useful), but on the ground. But on earth-it is cold and also not healthy at all. What should I do?

I’ll tell you right away: I know about mulching. About fokin’s flat cut-too. But with the last friendship that year does not add up, and mulch all planting without exception, too, is not yet used to. All in good time, I guess. In addition, the list of works in which you have to bow to the ground, weeding is not limited to: here and planting with crops, and harvesting (take at least strawberries, for example) – but there is little to do for the cottager…

Convenient Weeding: Chairs, Mats, Knee Pads, Benches

Therefore, this time we are going to search for convenient and affordable devices that facilitate the “classic” care of beds. We will postpone the “instrumental question” until the next article, but in the meantime we will see what devices can be used to solve the problem of bowing to the ground during dacha work without harm to health.


Probably the simplest and most budget-friendly option. Protect the joints from cold, dampness and injuries, make the work more comfortable. The main thing is to choose a convenient model. I haven’t been able to find one yet, unfortunately.

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The pocket for the knee pad-liner on work trousers easily and elegantly solves the problem that for me personally has become the main obstacle to using these devices — the way they are attached: the belts push the leg, causing considerable discomfort and provoking edema. And fix it looser-the design just slides.

However, I know summer residents who bought knee pads fit and liked it very much.

Mats and coasters

Since my knee pads are not working, I use a small weeding Mat. And perhaps, so far, this is the most convenient device of all that I have ever tried. Put it under your knees if you want, or sit on it if you want. The only thing-I would like a bigger size… But this is a problem that can be solved: such a Mat of any size and configuration can be cut from foamed polyethylene, which is sold in construction stores.

Convenient Weeding: Chairs, Mats, Knee Pads, Benches

The disadvantage of the Mat is that, unlike knee pads, which are always with you, you need to drag it from place to place as you move. And from a kneeling position, as well as from a sitting position, it can be difficult to get up.

Convenient Weeding: Chairs, Mats, Knee Pads, Benches

Such a device, perhaps, I would willingly use. At least it looks comfortable and reliable. Maybe someone will share their own impressions about it?

Highchairs: folding, mobile and other

I don’t have a stool yet, but I do have a couple of folding stools. One is the usual, the simplest, and the second one has a bulky bag under the seat and handles for carrying.

Convenient Weeding: Chairs, Mats, Knee Pads, Benches

And if the second one is still used in some way (more like a stand for tools, though), the first one was rejected after several attempts to use it. Again, of course, everything is subjective. But I think such a stool is a good idea if there are smooth, solid paths between the beds, on which it stands steadily. And if the beds are high. But leaning toward the ground while trying to maintain balance in the aisle… No, I didn’t like it.

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In addition, when weeding, you have to constantly get up, move this very stool, sit down again… It’s easier to crawl with a Mat. But it is very convenient to collect berries from a Bush while sitting on a chair. Although on the stump — even more convenient: it will be more stable. But the stump is harder to move…

In short, the idea is ambiguous. But the more interesting, I think, will be to watch the testing of a similar folding chair and get acquainted with the impressions of its participants.

For people like me, stores offer ready-made “vehicles” that are suitable for work in the garden and in the garden beds. Here, for example, is a funny “mini-tractor” with a shelf for tools and a small container for the necessary details:

Convenient Weeding: Chairs, Mats, Knee Pads, Benches

Looks like a child’s toy, don’t you think?

Convenient Weeding: Chairs, Mats, Knee Pads, Benches

Well, I finish my little review here. In fact, of course, there are many more useful devices. As well as opinions about how much all this is necessary, useful, convenient, and so on. But I expect that in the comments you will share your findings, tell us about what you use (or used before, but refused for some reason).

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