Fashion Trends of Landscape Design

The end of February-it’s time to think about what will be in the new season your garden. With the garden things are a little easier, because every gardener knows that grows well on his site, and that is unlikely to be able to ascend and even more Mature. So many seedlings and vegetables, the company has already successfully started. A garden can also experiment! And why not adopt not only their own knowledge, but also annually changing trends in landscape design? In 2019, by the way, they are very interesting!

1. Saturated colors

This year the garden turns into a bright rainbow. It is no longer monochrome. On flower beds and flower beds, garden borders and containers planted as many plants of different species, shapes and colors.

Fashion Trends of Landscape Design

Especially relevant violet. He must be present in the garden in some combination. So do not leave without attention plants of this color.

2. “Edible” flower beds, or ornamental vegetable garden

Vegetables, berries and fruits this season coexist in one flower bed with herbs and flowers.

Fashion Trends of Landscape Design

In the compositions can participate leaf salads of different varieties, carrots, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, eggplants, strawberries, sunflowers, herbs and other plants.

3. Lush hedges

Hedges have always been in fashion. This is not a novelty, and we have repeatedly talked about their device in different publications!

Fashion Trends of Landscape Design

Interestingly, before that they were supposed to be symmetrical and neatly cut. This procedure is not necessary in the coming summer. Only the necessary sanitary pruning, the top is given the freedom to grow as you like. Due to this, the maximum naturalness is achieved.

4. Naturgarden Style

The same style that promotes the famous Dutch designer Pete Udolf. In his opinion, the garden should be spontaneous.

Fashion Trends of Landscape Design

Of course, the plants are planted according to the plan, but in such a way as not to cause a feeling that in a limited area everything is thought out and trimmed down to a millimeter. The garden is a corner of wildlife.

5. Water

Garden 2019 welcomes the presence of water in all manifestations. Fountains and fountains, streams and streams, decorative waterfalls, small pools and ponds — to be!

Fashion Trends of Landscape Design

6. Transition from symmetry to asymmetry

Asymmetry should give the garden, again, naturalness and dynamics. All smooth symmetrical forms turn into uneven thanks to skillfully planted plants.

Fashion Trends of Landscape Design

7. Blurring the boundaries between the garden and the room

The garden of 2019 is a kind of outdoor apartment. Kitchens, recreation and reception areas, offices for work are placed in the garden. Outdoor kitchens are particularly popular. They should not be confused with a gazebo for barbecue.

Fashion Trends of Landscape Design

The open kitchen is a full kitchen with areas for preparation, slicing and cooking. It has a sink, stove, table, chairs and everything else that is necessary for the hostess. The idea is very attractive, but, alas, will not suit everyone.

8. Handmade products

This year they are valued more than ever. Do not limit your imagination: garden sculptures, panels, decorative plates, scarecrows, birdhouses and bird feeders, fences — all this must be done with their own hands.

Fashion Trends of Landscape Design

Here such directions are offered to us by experts. But do not forget that the garden is a reflection of its owner, his soul and vision. And each garden will be unique and individual, regardless of the overall style and design.

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