Garden Swing With Their Hands

Long dreamed of a garden swing. And not about those that are sold in the store, but about normal swings, which without risk to the design can simultaneously sit three adults. Desperate to find such a swing in the store, my husband and I decided to make them with their own hands. It is worth noting that in order to repeat our “feat”, you need to have a man with the skills of electric welding, if this is not, it is better to invite a specialist welder. But everything in order.

Tools and materials required

  • 9 steel pipes of the same diameter;
  • 8 pieces of metal corner;
  • 2 arc of reinforcement length 25 cm and diameter of 16 millimetres;
  • several boards for a bench;
  • durable fabric;
  • a cord (rope climbing), which can withstand more than 300 pounds;
  • paint;
  • welding machine.

Preparing to create a swing

One of the most important stages of creating this design is accurate calculation, drawing up and calculation of construction details. But the result was considered optimal and under it already built a gazebo. And in most cases, people build a swing when the gazebo is ready, so the calculation should take into account the size of the gazebo.

That’s what came out of the sizes we have:

  • Swing length: 2.5 m;
  • Swing height: 2.5 m;
  • Length 4 long (oblique lateral) tube: 2.6 m;
  • Length of 2 short pipes (side parts of the swing base): 1.5 m;

Collect the swing

Creating a swing support

According to the above calculations, a drawing is created. Then pipe getting ready to weld (measured clearly set sizes, the tubes are cleaned from rust ).

Pipes are welded according to the planned scheme. After the completion of the manufacture of the support to the upper pipe welded “ears” (metal arc for hanging swing). The resulting design is covered with paint the next day.

The functionality and aesthetics of the future structure largely depends on the skill of the welder. Therefore, if you doubt your abilities, call a professional. Modern welding machines are very light, they are easy to deliver to any country house, and without welded structures in many designs can not do.

Garden Swing With Their Hands

Creating a seat and back swing

According to the planned scheme, the segments of the metal corner are welded . The upper rectangle is the back of the swing (size 2×1, 2 m), the lower rectangle is the seat of the swing (2×1 m). In the short parts of the lower rectangle holes are made for fixing.

The wooden boards are cut liners for the seat and backrest.

Garden Swing With Their Hands

The creation of mattresses for the seat and backrest of the swing

For ease of use, the wooden parts of the structure is better to cover with soft mattresses. We to create used upholstery foam with a thickness of 6 cm and covers, sewn from old cloth.

Fixing the swing to the support

For reliability of fastening it is necessary to use very strong rope and special fixture. We, as described earlier, used a climbing rope and a special mounting hooks. In addition, it is important to fix the rope so that it does not “ride” relative to the hook, for this there are special fasteners.

Garden Swing With Their Hands

Installation of swing

Swing should be installed in a shady place, preferably under a canopy. It is assumed that this is a stationary structure, because the construction is very heavy. And the wooden parts, as you might guess, are afraid of rain and snow. If there is only a gazebo in the project, the swing in wet weather should be tightly cover with plastic.

Garden Swing With Their Hands


We have been using this wonderful swing for almost 3 years. For a long time (almost a year) they stood in the open air, in wet weather we carefully covered them with polyethylene, and in warm evenings we enjoyed their measured rocking. Not once during this time we have not regretted the invested time, money and effort. Now, in the summer, when we almost live in the country, the swing is used every day.

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