Garlic: Health Benefits and Harms

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Hardly anyone needs to be convinced that garlic is useful. But what exactly is its use? Do we know about the capabilities of this universal doctor, who is able to prevent and treat diseases of almost all organs and systems of the human body? Let’s check it out…

Harm of garlic and contraindications to its use

Usually, the contraindications of a drug are modestly mentioned somewhere at the end of the description of its undoubted advantages. We will start the conversation with a warning about the potential harm of garlic, to warn enthusiasts and fans of self-medication.

When using garlic, it is very important to observe the measure. It is believed that for a healthy effect, it is enough to eat 2 to 5 medium-sized teeth a day. Of course, this is an average figure, but it is always worth remembering: an overdose is fraught with irritation of the gastric mucosa, and exceeding the dose when using garlic-based drugs (tincture, juice) can lead to spasms of the coronary vessels of the heart and brain.

Garlic: Health Benefits and Harms

Garlic is contraindicated in hyperacid gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer with increased acidity of gastric juice; in acute inflammatory kidney diseases; pancreatitis; hemorrhoids. It should not be used by those who suffer from epilepsy. Be careful if you are prone to allergic reactions: garlic can provoke them.

Recommendations for the use of garlic during pregnancy are very contradictory: they range from an absolute ban to advice to use garlic to prevent colds and viral infections. Perhaps the best thing to do in this situation is to consult with your doctor, who is aware of your health, possible risks and contraindications.

Benefits of garlic

Modern scientists have found more than 400 biologically active substances in the composition of garlic. Our ancestors did not know about this, but this did not prevent them from using the healing properties of the plant: as food and medicine, this culture has been known since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs.

Garlic: Health Benefits and Harms

Garlic contains phytoncides, which have antiviral, bactericidal and fungicidal effects, as well as anti-inflammatory and antitoxic properties. Due to this, it is effective in the treatment and prevention of colds and flu; garlic preparations are used for intestinal dysbiosis, dysentery, diphtheria, typhoid fever, malaria, cholera, tuberculosis and other diseases. Garlic paste or ointment based on garlic is used to treat lichens, skin fungi, scabies, acne, eczema, psoriasis.

Garlic is useful for anyone who has problems with the heart and blood system. It regulates blood pressure; increases the contraction of the heart muscle; lowers cholesterol in the blood; cleanses blood vessels and strengthens their walls; thins the blood, prevents the formation of blood clots, reducing the ability of platelets to stick together. These properties allow the use of garlic preparations in the treatment and prevention of hypertension, angina, coronary heart disease, anemia, heart failure, atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, myocardial infarction, as well as for the recovery of the body after a stroke and the prevention of recurrent stroke.

Garlic: Health Benefits and Harms

Garlic has a pronounced antioxidant and antitumor effect, strengthens the immune system, stimulates metabolism and increases the body’s resistance to adverse conditions. Therefore, garlic-based preparations are recommended for the prevention of cancer and in the treatment of certain types of tumors;
Garlic strengthens the immune system and helps prevent many diseases
they also help to restore strength and health after an illness or surgery. Garlic is useful for insomnia, neurosis, dizziness, memory impairment, improves performance and fights beriberi. It is also able to remove heavy metal salts, radioactive substances and toxins from the body.

For arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, osteochondrosis, heel spur, gout, garlic preparations are used both inside and outside — for rubbing the affected joints.

A decoction of garlic in milk or garlic juice, diluted with water, is used in folk medicine as a means to expel worms (in the form of microclysms). Garlic cures baldness and strengthens the hair; it is used to remove warts and get rid of corns. A truly universal healer, isn’t it?

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