Hammock with your own hands

All good old friends, one thing is bad – you break your whole head before you figure out what to give them something that has not been given for all these years. They don’t care! They sunbathe at their dacha in a hammock… Wait, they don’t have a hammock! That’s the solution.

I decided to make a hammock out of 100% white cotton fabric – any other color will burn out in the summer, and it’s disgusting to lie on synthetic in the heat.


Cut out the canvas 172 x 195 cm, folded twice in length and stitched the side (the line is best done with a linen seam or at least double-for strength). The resulting pipe is 85 x 195 cm. Then I turned the pipe so that the seam was inside, and folded it so that the seam looked into the ground. The edges of the pipe (where the head and legs will be) wrapped inside 5 cm, but did not spend yet. The result is a double canvas 85 x 185 cm.


A hammock should not only be comfortable, but also beautiful. She put the fabric aside and sat down to knit lace. Who owns a hook, he will choose a scheme for himself according to his strength and taste. Those who don’t own it will buy it ready-made in the store. I got these waves.

Hammock with your own hands

I made two strips of 15 x 185 cm and sewed them on both sides. Lace in this case plays a double role: it decorates the hammock and strengthens its edges.

Hammock with your own hands

For greater strength, I laid a rope inside the “pipe”, close to the edges, leaving “tails” of 20 cm outside – I will then tie them to the wooden frame. To prevent the rope from running through the inside of the hammock, I made a rut for it, like an elastic band on my underpants. The seam for the track can be made the most ordinary, but I have a machine with ideas, and it is possible to embroider.

With a stick and a rope

Wood for a hammock can be made from cuttings for a shovel: saw off the desired length (in my case, it is 90 cm) and drill holes for ropes. Anyone who has mastered the macrame technique will be able to weave something unique, but I have not progressed beyond a primitive pigtail.

Hammock with your own hands

You can do quite elementary-buy a standard hammock and replace the canvas with your own.

Now you need to attach the canvas to the wooden frame. After some thought, I decided to make loops from a wide and strong nylon tape, matched to the color of the fabric. Cut 12 strips of 30 cm, folded in half and distributed on wood 6 loops on each side.

Hammock with your own hands

I took the hammock cloth. Remember when we left the edges where the head and feet would be? Here there and refill the free ends of the loops, tack, then stitch several times on the machine.

Hammock with your own hands

Last effort: take the tails of the rope laid inside the hammock, and fix it on the wood with a double knot.

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