How To Defeat Ants In The Garden And Vegetable Garden: Biological And Chemical Means

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Surely even novice gardeners are faced with such a problem as ants on the site. They build their houses on the lawn and beds, bring aphids to fruit trees and shrubs, cling to peonies and other flowers, and so on. When there are few of these insects, you can somehow put up with them and coexist. In other cases, you will have to protect your plantings. Let’s talk about how this can be done.

On the Web, you can find a lot of folk ways to deal with these insects. Summer residents sprinkle the anthills with semolina, millet, buckwheat or coffee, but in most cases either there is no effect at all, or it is very short-term. The only real way to do away with ants, using improvised means, is boiling water. However, they can be shed, for example, paths, and it cannot be used among plants. Therefore, we will consider more effective options.

Biological agents

A unique bioinsecticide consisting of the smallest fraction of diatomite (flour) is a unique bioinsecticide that does not contain toxic chemicals and toxic substances. Completely natural, eco-friendly product. Safe for humans and animals. Non-toxic. It has no smell. Does not cause allergic reactions and poisoning. Principle of operation: microparticles of the product (no more than 5 microns in size) fall on the insect’s body, joints or joints. The wax layer is mechanically destroyed. Water from the insect’s body begins to evaporate quickly. As a result, the insect dies from desiccation. Given the high hygroscopicity of diatomite, it should be used in dry weather or protected in some way from moisture.

Preparations based on tar soap will also help you. Ant nests are shed with a solution prepared according to the instructions.

How To Defeat Ants In The Garden And Vegetable Garden: Biological And Chemical Means

Effective glue traps can also be attributed to such safe means. They can be placed on fruit trees to protect against ants and other pests.

Chemical agents

Chemicals act quickly and productively. In any gardening store, you will probably be offered several options. Chlorpyrifos-based products have proven themselves well. You can use effective gels.

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