How To Plant a Petunia So That It Blooms Luxuriantly All Summer

In order for carefully grown petunia seedlings to turn into a lush beauty, blooming profusely all summer, it is necessary to create the best conditions for her at the stage of transplanting. Let’s consider what needs to be done before the relocation of young plants to a permanent place and how to carry out the transplant itself.

Before the transfer

Firstly, it is better not to hurry with moving petunias to the open air. We need to wait for consistently warm weather. In some regions, it may be established as early as April, and somewhere only by the beginning of June.

2-3 days before the intended planting in open flower beds or flowerpots, seedlings need to be sprayed with a solution of a regulator and a broad-spectrum adaptogen so that it copes well with stress. About half an hour before planting, we shed the plants to moderate humidity. So the damage to the roots during transplanting will be minimal.

How To Plant a Petunia So That It Blooms Luxuriantly All Summer

It is necessary to prepare the landing site ahead of time. Petunia prefers light, nutritious soil. If there is heavy loam on your site, it is necessary to dig up a flowerbed with the introduction of high—quality humus (in no case do not introduce fresh manure!) – 6-10 kg per 1 m2. You can also add peat — about 5-6 kg per 1 m2. Petunia responds well to the introduction of such natural additives of volcanic origin into the soil.

How to plant

We make a hole. Its width should be slightly larger than the diameter of the seedling’s clod of earth, and the depth is approximately the same. Petunia should not be buried, but it is also impossible to plant too high. We pour a nutrient additive for flowers into the hole or add a long-acting fertilizer. Then we put a biological fungicide tablet in the hole or pour a systemic fungicide to protect against diseases.

We take a pot with seedlings, squeeze it a little, turn it over and remove the root ball from the container. We lower it into the prepared hole, pour the earth and squeeze. Watering.

How To Plant a Petunia So That It Blooms Luxuriantly All Summer

Such a competent planting will give the plant a great start. Your petunia will quickly settle into a new place and begin to bloom. However, in order for it to be decorative all season, regular fertilizing is necessary.

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