My Darmera Peltata

I will continue to acquaint you with the plants that I purchased in advance, in the hope to frame their future pond. Oh, the dream to enjoy your own pond moved into the misty future, but the plants have remained and continue to please me and without a pond. One of the most unusual (in my opinion) – darmera peltata.

It blooms early, and, first there is a peduncle, and the leaves much later. This photo was taken on April 17, the first leaves appeared only at the end of may. Darmera in nature grows along the banks of water bodies, so it is important to provide it with constant soil moisture, but exclude stagnation of water at the roots.

An interesting feature of the reproduction of root offspring: being planted in the shade, darmera practically does not give root shoots, it is necessary to plant it in a Sunny place – it will be a real aggressor to capture new territories!

Beautiful carved darmera leaves in autumn are painted in bright colors – from yellow-orange to scarlet-Burgundy.

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