Plants for Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening twine plants — a common type of decoration of the infield. It can be used to create green space even in a small area.

Selection of annual and perennial plants for vertical gardening obscenely rich.

For beginner growers will suit undemanding species such as Schisandra chinensis, Parthenocissus or hops. Sophisticated interesting can become the experience of growing naughty plants such as climbing roses.

Plants for Vertical Gardening

The choice of plants depends primarily on where it will grow and what to decorate.

Plants suitable for vertical gardening, can be divided into three groups:

  • Plants that do not require additional support: for example, ivy, some species of Parthenocissus. This group is good for expansion in the large space.
  • Plants that need help to rise (to pull the wire or substitute support): vines, clematis. You can use these plants for landscaping low fences.
  • Liana. In nature these plants envelop the tree, so when using them in the design of the site requires a strong support – lemongrass, hops. Well look these plants in combination with small architectural forms: arches, obelisks, pergolas, arbors.

Determined that we are going to decorate with climbing plants, what colors to use, and start to choose the appropriate plants. For starters, you can pay attention to the following types:

Perennial climbing plants

Vitis amurensis

Creates a lush green wall or a dome over the entrance. Interesting for its rich colors: from pale green to autumn, it becomes purple. And in September — beginning of October pleases the eyes and the fruit – racemes are up to 20-25 cm, with blue-black berries.

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Plants for Vertical Gardening

Parthenocissus tricuspidata

Its leaves which in the autumn are raspberry and BlackBerry color, gives a strong annual growth (up to 3-3,5 m), and it is necessary to consider, choosing a landing spot. It has a special “creep”, as it can attach to any surface, almost to the glass.

Plants for Vertical Gardening

Actinidia kolomikta

Amazing plant, which is called chameleon.

Plants for Vertical Gardening

When its leaves bloom, they are painted in a bronze color, then they “dim” in green, and when it finishes flowering, the leaves appear pink spots, and the next stage the foliage turns crimson. Blooms white fragrant flowers and edible fruit similar to Kiwifruit and very useful.

Celastrus orbiculatus

This powerful vine which can climb to a height of over 10 m, also very fast growing. The leaves are large, leathery, and by autumn become bright yellow.

Plants for Vertical Gardening

Also this plant has an interesting decorative yellow-orange fruit.

Plants for Vertical Gardening


Ivy – evoke associations with the English mansions. Unpretentious and excellent curls, creating a thick green wall. Grows slowly.

Plants for Vertical Gardening

Humulus lupulus

Fragrant plant, which not only is used in brewing, but also very decorative.

Plants for Vertical Gardening

Hops is so unpretentious that sometimes do not know how to get rid of it. So you need to take care of him and limit the area of its growth.

Schisandra chinensis

Not only decorative but also very useful inhabitant of the garden. Its berries and seeds possess tonic effect.

Plants for Vertical Gardening


A very popular perennial vine with large beautiful flowers, featuring a huge variety of colors and shapes. Fast growing, maintenance and pruning. Perfect for braiding arbors, pergolas, arches, trellises.

Plants for Vertical Gardening


In this family there are several climbing species, very decorative. They are quite different appearance and properties of leaves and fruit.

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Lonicera caprifolium

Her lovely flowers and berries will decorate your fences and walls all season.

Plants for Vertical Gardening

Berries very attractive, but inedible!

Plants for Vertical Gardening

It needs constant care or it will become messy, tangled com.

Lonicera Brownii

It will decorate your garden lush bright red inflorescences, and further elongated, the same red berries.

Plants for Vertical Gardening

Annual lianas

In addition to these perennial climbing plants for vertical gardening, there are plenty of annuals that can each be planted in boxes and pots in different places, changing the view of the garden, and they will wonderfully decorate the balconies, Windows and terraces.


Ipomoea – elegant decoration of the garden, with leaves, hearts and flowers rich color similar to a gramophone.

Plants for Vertical Gardening

Cobaea scandens

Incredibly beautiful plant.

Plants for Vertical Gardening


Amazing flower, which will delight you with a variety of grades (and colors) will bring a spicy edge in the country kitchen and vegetable garden will help in the fight against pests and diseases.

Plants for Vertical Gardening

Echinocystis lobata

An interesting representative of Cucurbitaceae.

Plants for Vertical Gardening

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