Signs Of May

Here is may come-bright, blooming, filled with bird voices, buzzing bees, croaking frogs. May, is rapidly transforming all around: like, that’s just on the first birch leaves timidly hatch — looking, and already the lilac blossoms, and dandelions suns adorned the lush green grass carpet… “May the forest dresses, summer guests in waiting”.

Oh, how the sun beckons, how welcoming its rays are! It seems that the cold weather has already passed, and we hurry to the garden to start planting as soon as possible. But the weather in may is changeable, often forces “in shirts to plow — in fur coats to sow”. Truly warm, almost summer, Sunny days are replaced by cold, and at night there are frosts. No wonder they used to say: “the Month of may-give the horse hay, and get on the stove yourself.”

However, “may frost will not squeeze out tears”, on the contrary-will bring a good harvest: “may is cold-a year of bread.” And there is no time for the farmer to sit on the stove — it’s time for field work.

Signs Of May

In General, may has a bad reputation among the people: “sire may is not cold, he is so hungry.” Supplies were usually exhausted by this time, and the new crop was still a long time to wait ,because ” may and June are both starving.” Maybe the abundance of may worries, from which it is easy to hope, played a role here, or maybe the deceptiveness of the weather…

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But neither the weather nor superstition did not cancel the peasant’s labors, so the villagers looked closely at natural phenomena, the behavior of animals and birds, trying to guess what the last spring month would bring.

Why does the cherry blossom bloom?

Probably, everyone knows: cherry blossoms – wait for the cold snap, this phenomenon is even called cold. And what other clues can the first leaves and blossoming flowers on the trees give?

Signs Of May

  • When cherry blossoms, always comes the cold.
  • A lot of color on the cherry tree – to the wet summer.
  • The earlier the cherry blossoms, the hotter the summer will be; early cherry blossoms promise a warm autumn.
  • It gets especially cold when the oak leaves unfold.
  • When the birch leaves open before the alder or maple, wait for a dry summer, and if the alder or maple is in advance, it will be a wet summer.
  • If the oak leaves unfold before the ash tree, by dry summer.
  • Early flowering of Rowan — to a short autumn, and later to fall late and long.

What do nightingales sing about?

Nightingale trills romantic young ladies suggest Dating, and practical peasant tell about the weather and views of the harvest. By observing animals and birds, our ancestors were able to make their own predictions, and nothing prevents us from checking whether these signs still work today.

Signs Of May

  • Birds build nests on the Sunny side-for cold summer.
  • The Nightingale began to sing-it means that the water in the rivers has gone down.
  • A Nightingale sang in the bare forest — you can’t expect a harvest from fruit trees.
  • The Nightingale sings in a thick fog from sunset to a clear warm day; the Nightingale’s trills all night without ceasing foretell good weather.
  • If the cuckoo is loud and often cooing – to be warm, and if it makes sounds that resemble croaking – to rain.
  • If the forest is cleared before the cuckoo begins to call, the year will be fruitful.
  • Butterflies hide in sheds and houses-wait for the cold and windy weather, and if the winged creatures do not leave their shelters after the rain ends, the bad weather will be prolonged.
  • Wasps build nests in open places – by the wet summer.
  • Lots of Melolontha-wait for the summer drought.
  • In may, a lot of mosquitoes-prepare for the berries of boxes; a lot of midges-prepare for the mushrooms of baskets.
  • The beavers work all night for the rain.
  • The cat sleeps soundly on the street — to be warm, eats grass – to rain.
  • Sparrows fly in flocks from place to place — a strong wind is expected.
  • Starlings behave restlessly, flocks fly from one field to another — the weather will change.
  • Gulls do not land on the water and do not fly far from the shore — it is bad weather.
  • If frogs and toads make a noise during a cold rain, the weather will soon change for the better.
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Why did the strawberries droop?

In nature, everything is interconnected — just notice. The folk signs that have come down to us are based on the centuries-old experience of our ancestors. And many of them are true to this day — of course, adjusted for local conditions.

Signs Of May

  • If the beginning of may is warm, the end will be cold, and Vice versa.
  • If it rains in may, there will be rye, and the rain will raise the bread in may.
  • Frequent rains and fogs in may-to the fertile year.
  • May is wet — June is dry.
  • A lot of sorrel-for a warm and snowy winter.
  • Dandelion blooms late — to dry summer.
  • A lot of horsetail in the fields-to a good crop of oats.
  • If the strawberry flowers droop at night, wait for bad weather.
  • Nymphaea leaves that appear on the surface of the reservoir Herald the end of night frosts.

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