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Coniferous Miniatures. Dwarf Varieties of Coniferous Plants and Features of Their Cultivation.

Miniature conifers are gaining popularity among Amateur gardeners. They perfectly complement the composition of stone, decorate small gardens and do not grow much over time. The latter quality is especially valuable because in a small area you can plant dozens of plants and watch their development for many years. Miniature, […]

Abies and Pseudotsuga: Not To Be Confused With Christmas Trees!

Today came the turn of Eli’s closest relatives-Pseudotsuga and Abies-to be identified. Trappings Of Pseudotsuga The bark is brownish-gray, thick, with deep longitudinal cracks. Branch is directed horizontally and randomly on the ends hang, the crown is quite delicate. The leaves are relatively soft, flat, with a rounded end and […]

The Douglas Fir: Photo, Description, Types

Douglas fir is a rather dissonant name, sometimes they say “Pseudotsuga”. In 1791, it was discovered by Archibald Menzies, who served as a surgeon on Captain Vancouver’s ship, and was rediscovered by English botanist and traveler David Douglas in 1827. In the botanical literature, pseudotsuga was described in 1838 under […]

Microbiota Decussatа: a Relic that Survived the Ice Age

What kind of animal is a microbiota? The translation from the Latin Microbiota decussata does not bring more clarity to ordinary citizens. “Something about microbes,” one of them decides. “A tiny biota,” others, more advanced in botany, will think, and will be closer to the truth. Biota, or the more […]