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How To Plant And Care For Scilla

Scilla belongs to the family of Asparagus, although earlier it was referred to as Lilein or Hyacinth. Growing scilla Scilla landing Thanks to its unpretentiousness, Scilla is a welcome guest in alpine hills, rockeries and all kinds of flower gardens. Many use Scilla for forcing under the New Year, planting […]

How To Plant And Care For Portulaca

Surprisingly delicate exquisite flower won the gardeners with its unpretentiousness and naive beauty. Being popular in Europe as early as the Middle Ages, today in many European countries Portulaca grows as a field weed breeding self-sowing. Despite this circumstance, for many gardeners, Portulaca is a welcome guest in a flower […]

Raspberry Care in Winter and Spring – Help With Freezing

If the winter is severe, frosts affect not only people but also plants. Some of the inhabitants of the garden and vegetable garden adapted to the harsh cold: strawberries pressed to the ground, and even the shallow snow it somehow be able to cover, especially if the plantation is located […]

Patisson: Planting, Growing, Caring

Squash-annual herbaceous plants shrub or semi-shrub shape. I grow different in colour and shape of the squash. What exactly are these varieties, I am already lost to answer, especially since they grow on the same area with zucchini and are pollinated, respectively, too. Planting the squash Squash propagated by seeds. […]

Seasonal Work in the Garden: the Third Week of October

Mid-October is always so beautiful that you often catch yourself thinking-or rather, the desire-to admire! How many more around the Golden colors! . Garden care October can be unpredictable, so we hurry with the harvesting of vegetables, medicinal vegetables: dig the of horseradish root, parsley, common dandelion; harvest the seeds […]

How To Plant And Care For Clover

In Latin, clover is called Trifolium. And occasionally comes across in trifoliate species of clover leaf with four plates is considered a symbol of good luck. However,there are types of clover, which all the leaves are quadruple. Clover belongs to the family of legumes, its flowers are small, in the […]