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How To Plant And Care For Portulaca

Surprisingly delicate exquisite flower won the gardeners with its unpretentiousness and naive beauty. Being popular in Europe as early as the Middle Ages, today in many European countries Portulaca grows as a field weed breeding self-sowing. Despite this circumstance, for many gardeners, Portulaca is a welcome guest in a flower […]

Patisson: Planting, Growing, Caring

Squash-annual herbaceous plants shrub or semi-shrub shape. I grow different in colour and shape of the squash. What exactly are these varieties, I am already lost to answer, especially since they grow on the same area with zucchini and are pollinated, respectively, too. Planting the squash Squash propagated by seeds. […]

How to Build a Greenhouse With Your Own Hands

It’s nice when the country has a greenhouse, created by his own hands. And it’s not so much about saving money, but about what we build for ourselves and with love. Therefore, greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables seem to us especially delicious. But sometimes the creation of a greenhouse […]