Useful Tips: How to Plant Juniper

Coniferous plants have long ceased to be the prerogative of only rich manors and pompous gardens. Now almost every country there are wonderful plants, decorative all season. In any nursery you can choose to your taste and needs and a variety of arborvitae, cypress, juniper and different varieties, and other conifers.

Consider how to plant on your site a new pet. Our attention on the juniper average.

Juniper planting

First of all, it should be said that most juniper species of the middle feel good in Sunny places. In the shadows, they turn pale and look less attractive. This feature should be taken into account when choosing a place for this plant.

Junipers are usually planted in the spring: from the beginning of April to the end of may. Planted at this time, they perfectly take root and have time to get stronger before the cold. Seedlings with closed and well-developed root system can be planted during the warm season, the deadline for planting is October.

Depending on the size of the root system (species, age of the Bush), a hole is dug: it should be about twice as large as a lump of land with roots. Although junipers grow on almost any soil, it is very desirable to prepare an earth mixture for backfilling, mixing turf, sand and adding dolomite flour.

Useful Tips: How to Plant Juniper
Everything is ready for planting juniper

So, the hole is dug. Since this plant does not tolerate stagnation of moisture, the bottom of the drain fall asleep thickness of 10-15 cm, and on top of the sand layer in 10-15 cm.

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Useful Tips: How to Plant Juniper
Make a drainage layer of gravel, a layer of sand

Mix the removed ground with 2 tablespoons of dolomite flour and two handfuls of sand and pour a little mixture into the pit on top of the sand layer.

Useful Tips: How to Plant Juniper
Prepare the soil mix

It is useful to soak the seedling in advance, putting it directly in a container in a bucket of water for 2-3 hours. Place the plant in the planting pit so that the root neck was at the level of the soil or slightly higher. It is impossible to bury juniper.

Useful Tips: How to Plant Juniper
Take out juniper from the container and place in the pit

Fall asleep in the pit most of the prepared earth mixture and thoroughly shed.

Useful Tips: How to Plant Juniper
Shed planted in the plant

After the soil settles, fill up the remaining ground and compacted. On top of it will be good to mulch the planted plant with qualitatively rotted manure or compost.

Now it’s important once a week juniper well watered. Young plants in the first 1-2 years of life need shelter for the winter, for example, spruce branches.

Are you fond of coniferous plants? Where gardens grow your junipers?

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