Various Options of Planting the Roses

I love roses. They are dignified and touching at the same time tender. They fill the garden from early spring until late autumn. And submit them to the design can be completely different.

It is possible to plant only roses. Take care of this rose garden will be much easier, since the requirements of its inhabitants are United. But to create a harmonious picture in this case very, very difficult. If just to plant a collection of roses, this rose garden will become like a big casket with jewel – bright, gaudy, expensive, but absolutely not expressive.

Once, very long ago I was visiting a great lover of roses. Collection she was very big, but the pleasure from her contemplation I have not received. Even on the contrary — for years I’ve had repulsed the desire to have a rosary in his garden. It was a scattering of colors, the most different and they are not just suppressed each other.

Planted in the rose garden roses of the same type need to be thought out scheme, taking into account many factors. First of all, the requirements of certain varieties to the lighting. Although most roses prefer a constant exposure to the sun, there are some delicate varieties, which are in direct sun literally melt. This applies to many varieties of English roses David Austin. These roses it is advisable to plant in a sparse triangular partial shade, avoiding midday sun.

Various Options of Planting the Roses

The next very important point in creating a harmonious picture of the rosary is the selection of varieties according to the form (the habitus) and the height of the shrub with a simultaneous selection of the appropriate and the most advantageous combinations of flowers in form and color.

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The flowering time of varieties is another criterion for selection. Therefore, the task of selection of varieties the rosary very complicated. That’s why some nurseries offer ready-made compositions for planting roses, which greatly facilitates the task of the gardener.

If we talk about the types of flower beds with roses they can be romantic, where the main role is played by the shape of the flower. Here often planted rose vintage, English, dim. This rose garden is well placed in a secluded corner of the garden, there placing a comfortable bench or a small coffee table with an armchair for relaxing. Such a romantic garden can be made in the form of the room, where the walls are rose bushes.

Various Options of Planting the Roses

The rosary of bright varieties of roses creates a ceremonial mood. It is best to set off the rich green of boxwood and lush lawns. It can be placed in the entrance to the site. By the way, it is believed to protect gardens from evil eyes may be planted at the entrance of a bright red rose, which will demand the unkind attention.

Depending on the location of the rosary, how it will observe, on the one hand, or all, planted roses on the principle of high with lower. In this case, if a rose garden planted, for example, under the fence, will observe on the one hand, the higher rose, for example, the old, landed in the background, the undersized — closer to the edge.

Interesting to land among the low grades one-two bushes (depending on the square of the rosary as a whole) medium with a very beautiful or fragrant flowers for a close contact with them.

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Among the rosary of the low roses, Floribunda or Hybrid tea interested in placing a rose at a fairly high trunk or climbing rose, with her at the obelisk. Foreground rosaries can take a groundcover and miniature roses.

Nice roses on vertical supports such as arches, obelisks, the trunks of trees. As supports for roses, you can use the common pillars of tree trunks. They digged in the ground, then attaching the rose stems with garters and ordinary driven into the barrel studs. This mount quite noticeable and very reliable.

If you want to plant a few shrubs, high climbing roses, you can make a very beautiful Suite. Need to dig into the ground a few wooden pillars, from top to connect them thick ropes or chains. But we should not forget that roses are not vines and the trail they themselves do not know how — they need to be regularly tied up.

Be picky in creating floral arrangements. If you don’t have a well thought out plan before you plant another plant, be it a rose, a flower, Bush or tree, walk around your 6 or 12 acres, and think about how this plant will be combined with the neighbouring, already planted.

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