Vervain – Blooms and Smells

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Verbena is one of the first flowers to settle in my flower bed. At that time, we were building a house in full swing, we had a baby in our arms, and we had to live in difficult conditions.

But the passion for gardening was already alive in me. When I saw a neighbor’s colored meadow vervain, I asked her for some seeds. Since then, this beautiful unpretentious flower has been growing on my plot.

Verbena requires minimal maintenance, it tolerates heat and dry periods. Verbena, propagated by self-seeding, blooms from the end of June until frost, verbena has not only beautiful flowers, but also elegant leaves. The bushes are low, fluffy, and especially beautiful when growing in a group. From such a certain benefit – after watering, the soil retains moisture, and the weeds are not so strong.

For beginners and for those who do not have time for comprehensive flower care – vervain varieties selected by self-seeding, ideal for decorating flower beds! Even if you have luxurious and exotic plants in your garden, you still can’t refuse a modest and charming verbena!

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