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Flowers for Growing on Flower Beds

Rules of planting flowers in the flower beds When choosing a place for the flower beds and the selection of flower crops, follow a few simple rules. Place Pick a place for the flower garden sunny, not blown by the winds: think not only about the aesthetic appearance of the […]

Warm and Cold-Growing Ornamental Grasses for Your Garden

Rockery, rock garden-extremely stylish elements of landscape design. A “raisins” rocky garden — spectacular ornamental grasses. But not every one of them” will have to court”: choose sun-loving, drought-resistant and compact plants that will not cause problems to their neighbors in the flower garden. All cereals can be divided into […]

Beautiful and Functional Garden Arches

A worthy decoration of your garden will be an acre, entwined with flowers and greenery. The path leading to the arch covered with roses looks very romantic. A patio, created from the arches entwined with grapes-this is the best place to relax. Garden arch is used not only as an […]

The Most Unusual Ideas for Garden Flower Beds

An integral element of landscape design are flower beds. But you should pay attention to the unusual flower beds, which have recently become very popular among gardeners. Original flower beds are simple, beautiful, creative, but at the same time able to transform any space. In this direction, decorating the garden […]

How to Make a Stylish Landscape Design Without High Costs

Well, what a garden without flowers? Sophisticated sissy and lush “burly”, the shameless, exposing the bright beauty on display, and demure, shyly covering their “charm” of the leaves… They filled the country of ownership of the wonderful aromas and brighten all shades of the rainbow, giving backyard Paradise charm and […]