Why Don’t Roses Bloom: 7 Possible Reasons

Do your roses bloom poorly or refuse to do it at all? So something went wrong. After all, every normal and healthy rose every escape ends with a Bud or inflorescence. What is it? The reasons why the rose does not give flowers can be a whole “bouquet”. Consider them.

1. First year doesn’t count

Let’s start with the fact that the rose of the first year of planting may not bloom – it all depends on the condition of the seedling, in what condition he waited for planting (whether he was in the refrigerator or came in a container already with buds), competent actions of the gardener during planting and care. Moreover, even if a young rose finds the desire to bloom, give it this is not advised — let it get better accustomed to a new place. You can only satisfy curiosity and wait until one flower opens, which is then still better to pick.

Why Don't Roses Bloom: 7 Possible Reasons

Another note. Climbing Rambler roses bloom only in the second year, and then only if successful wintering. So if you planted a climbing rose from a group of Ramblers in the garden, do not try to wait this summer for its flowering. Will have to be carefully all the rules to cover winter growing shoots that will bloom the following year.

2. The wrong landing spot

The decisive importance in the cultivation of roses in cold climates is planting. You should know that the roses, these natives of the southern regions, are very sensitive to the lack of sunlight. They need at least 8 hours of full sun for full development and flowering. The degree of illumination determines the strength of growth, the number of flowers, the health of the pink Bush. Therefore, it should be planted on the most open area. This is a prerequisite! If you planted a rose in the shade of trees, fences or buildings – flowering can not wait, it will not happen.

Why Don't Roses Bloom: 7 Possible Reasons

Roses, because of their southern origin, very thermophilic plants, so the landing site should be protected from drafts, especially from constantly blowing winds. When planting, it is necessary to provide gentle beauties with all the necessary environmental conditions — sunlight, fertile and permeable soils, lack of competition, why the rose has long been planted exclusively in rosaries or in monoclumbs. With this method of placement, by the way, it is much easier to care for them. It is not necessary to place roses next to the bushes, which will be powerful competitors in the struggle for water and batteries, rose in this case will be in an oppressed state and also will not bloom.

Why Don't Roses Bloom: 7 Possible Reasons

3. Incorrect cropping

The next possible reason for the lack of flowering is incorrect pruning. In the spring of some groups of roses in any case can not be subjected to severe pruning. Use only sanitary and easy formative haircut when pruned the tops on strong kidney. This is done to encourage branching.

It is not necessary to try to form a small Bush rose from a high shrab. Cutting its stems in half (as sometimes advised), you will significantly postpone the flowering time, as the plant will come to life after this procedure, growing new shoots. But, interestingly, the nature of growth it will remain the same, that is, all the victims will be in vain.

In summer, in order to force the rose to release new flowering shoots, it is necessary to remove the withered flowers in a timely manner. If you live in the country, it is desirable to do every day, going out with a pruner in the garden. Ignoring this rule, you will not wait for re-flowering.

Why Don't Roses Bloom: 7 Possible Reasons

In addition, all the so-called “blind” shoots that have not released buds, it is necessary to shorten (certainly a strong kidney) about half, thereby encouraging the rose to branch. This technique allows you to achieve flowering. But this is all provided that the plant is healthy and gets enough sunlight and nutrition.

Another nuance: if in the spring you for some reason (did not know, did not notice or elementary lazy) did not remove the thin and unproductive shoots growing inside the Bush or close to the ground, which will never bloom, remove them in the summer. There is an important rule of English gardeners: on a rose Bush should not remain shoots thinner than an ordinary pencil. Rose, freed from them, will concentrate on the flowering of the main.

Why Don't Roses Bloom: 7 Possible Reasons

4. Wrong care

The following is a possible reason why roses refuse to bloom and a wrong, speaking scientific language, the soil fertility. Rose is an intensive care plant. It requires additional nutrition, timely spraying against numerous pests, disease control. Weakened, underfed, depressed Bush with fallen leaves from ailments is unlikely to gain strength to please you with flowering.

Why Don't Roses Bloom: 7 Possible Reasons

However, you can not overdo it: often gardeners, trying to achieve maximum results in the cultivation of roses in their garden, too fond of fertilization. This is a lot of contribute to some publications, which are advised almost weekly to give roses that root, then foliar feeding. Roses as a result are overfed, the forces go into the foliage, and flowering is scarce. It is noticed that such plants are much worse winter, as their shoots do not have time to really lignite.

Therefore, feeding should be balanced in composition of elements and justified. Watch your Pets – if there are any signs of starvation, spots on the leaves, thin shoots, weak flowering – and only in this case come to the rescue.

Do not get carried away with nitrogen fertilizers, roses are more shown potassium – potassium monophosphate, potassium magnesia. And best of all, as experience shows, spring mulch planting roses horse manure. It acts on these plants in some miraculous way: roses grow strong, with healthy foliage, the flowers are brighter, last longer on the Bush and almost sick!

Why Don't Roses Bloom: 7 Possible Reasons

5. Root growth

It will not fully bloom and rose, literally “strangled” root shoots. The very growth of wild rose, which is usually vaccinated cultivated varieties, does not bloom. Inexperienced growers sometimes take her for shoots of my roses. And the shoots should be immediately removed, as it takes away from the rose batteries and suppresses it. The dominance of the root growth indicates that a mistake was made during planting – the seedling was not buried to the proper depth (3-5 cm).

Why Don't Roses Bloom: 7 Possible Reasons

6. Bacterial burn

It is necessary to know that will never bloom shoots affected by bacterial burns, which happens after wintering roses under cover. Such an escape should not be left, it should be resolutely and without delay cut immediately after the shelter was removed, since it can infect the remaining stems of the Bush. Sometimes it can be overlooked, not noticed immediately, but over time it will not develop and gradually completely dry up, and without giving flowers.

Why Don't Roses Bloom: 7 Possible Reasons

7. Aging

Bad bloom and old roses. If they grow you have more than 3 years, it’s time to rejuvenate them. What is this done for? The fact is that the old rose wood does not conduct nutrients well, gradually the plant begins to bloom sparsely and eventually dies for unknown reasons.

Why Don't Roses Bloom: 7 Possible Reasons

Emergency care

So what to do if the rose has not bloomed? If your beauty, who suddenly refuses to bloom, younger than 3 years, “sits” in a good place, looks healthy, its stems are not affected by bacterial burns, it is not oppressed by root growth, it is first proposed to carry out the following activities:

  • remove all unnecessary shoots – thin, blind, small, growing inside and at the bottom of the Bush, and the argument “sorry” in this case should not be taken into account;
  • after that, conduct a stimulating pruning on a strong leaf or kidney (rose itself will show it, usually in this place a new escape is formed). All of the above, we must resolutely remove;
  • next, give feeding with a predominance of potassium and humates in combination with trace elements.

Why Don't Roses Bloom: 7 Possible Reasons

Try these measures to help turn the tide. And wait for flowering! If it does not happen, then go back to the beginning of the article, analyze the situation with your particular roses and take action. It’s fixable!

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