Cherry Tomato ‘Stone Flower F1’: Photo, Description of Hybrid

If you grow a tomato ‘Stone flower F1’, you will be amazed by its remarkable qualities. This hybrid is well in the apartment on the window or the balcony, in the curb at the walkway, the flowerbed, in the garden or yard.


‘Stone flower F1’ has a height of 35-40 cm and the same diameter. Bush neatly folded, with medium-sized dark green leaves elastic. During active fruiting it is hung with numerous nozzles and impresses with its beauty.

Plants grown in the house in containers of 4-5 liters, have some differences from the “street”. Bushes are lower, the diameter of the crown is smaller, not so many fruit brushes, and tomatoes are slightly smaller. But wherever they are grown, the fruits have a rich red color and excellent taste.

Unlike many cherry tomatoes, this hybrid is so sweet that it seems that there is no acid at all. Excellent aroma, uniform texture and color of the pulp.

“Home” tomatoes on 2-3 independently formed stems form about 6-10 simple and semi-complex brushes with exactly the same size fruits. They are able to maintain their excellent qualities until the last tomatoes on the plant are fully ripe. The brush gets 7-8 tightly pressed against each other fruit weighing about 10 g.

Cherry Tomato 'Stone Flower F1': Photo, Description of Hybrid

“Street” tomatoes look much more powerful: they form 6-8 shoots, 15-20 brushes with a large number of fruits, the green mass is much more magnificent. Brushes are simple and semi-complex. As a rule, the growth of shoots complete semi-complex brush. In simple inflorescences from 8 to 11 flowers, in semi-complex – 18-25. In simple stems usually develop all of the ovary, in sandwiched no extra 2-4 pollination of a flower on the brush fall off.

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If the “home” tomato has an almost perfectly round shape, then the “street” fruitlets are noticeably squeezed on both sides, their mass is about 12 g. the Fruits are two-chamber, rich red, with a beautiful Shine, there are no spots near the stalk. Tomatoes in the brush develop organically — gaining weight, quickly ripen everything. Ripe brushes and single tomatoes are charming in serving cold dishes and snacks.

Features of the new hybrid

Hybrid ‘Stone flower F1’ is named so not only because of its beauty when ripe fruit, but also because for several years of testing plants never hurt. Their health was strong. Hybrid resistant to tomato mosaic virus, Fusarium and verticillate, basal and root rots, and many other diseases of tomato.

In “home” tomatoes to the end of fruiting in the lower part of the main stem grows 5-7 Stepsons in leaf scars. They are so strong and good that you can grow an extra crop by removing the top part above them. Decorative plants quickly restored when growing Stepsons are pulled to the level of the cut stem.

This delayed fruiting allows to extend the time of consumption. If the first fruits in the first brushes, formed over 7 leaves, please us for 80-85 days, the last (on Stepsons) extend the collection of delicious tomatoes for 1.5-2 months.

Cherry Tomato 'Stone Flower F1': Photo, Description of Hybrid

When planting in greenhouses and greenhouses with additional heating ‘Stone flower F1’ can be grown in the spring-summer and summer-autumn turnover. Permissible and thickened planting – 7-8 plants per 1 m², but it requires additional feeding and good ventilation.

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This hybrid is a new creation of breeders. To date, among the dwarf cherry hybrids, it is the best not only in taste but also in yield. Many even indeterminate cherry hybrids are inferior in yield, appearance, and most importantly — taste.

That’s what a talented handsome man called ‘Stone flower F1’ next year can settle in your garden or home.

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