Battery Trimmer: How To Choose And Whether To Choose It At All (Part 1)

The grass in the suburban area — the theme of eternal and boundless. And this very grass should be mowed every summer, and not once and not occasionally, but preferably regularly. What to mow — everyone decides for themselves, the choice is quite large. But most of the options are still designed for physically strong, healthy people — those whose capabilities are limited by age or illness, the choice is much less.

Let’s leave aside lawn mowers-carts and robots-not every site is suitable for their use. Let’s take a closer look at the universal tool — a trimmer. At first glance, battery models are just what you need: light weight, easy operation, no wires to drag around the site… But the discussion showed that everything is not so clear: there are probably as many objections to this choice as there are arguments in favor of it.

Well, since I still need a trimmer, I decided to approach the matter in detail and figure out how to choose a successful — convenient, reliable, practical — battery model. And Yes, whether it is worth making a choice in favor of such a technique at all.

Selection parameters

To choose, you need to first decide on what parameters to compare, what is important — and what can be sacrificed. I got this list…

Battery Trimmer: How To Choose And Whether To Choose It At All (Part 1)

1. Price

Popular opinion: battery technology is expensive. I thought so myself until I started searching. In fact, it turned out that:

  • everything is relative

Yes, in General, battery trimmers are more expensive than similar electric ones that work from the mains. On the other hand, if you do not have a coil with a suitable extension cord in your household (as I do, for example), and its cost needs to be added to the price of an electric trimmer, then the difference in the total amount from the cost of the battery analog will not be so noticeable.

  • the price range is quite wide

Among the battery models (as well as among others), there are not only expensive equipment, but also quite budget options. Only choose them carefully. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

  • when buying, you can save money

If you already have any battery technology, it is possible that its batteries and charger will be compatible with trimmers from the same manufacturer. And then you can choose a complete set at a very affordable price.

You can also find a store where the price of the model you are interested in is optimal.

In short, the price of battery trimmers has stopped scaring me personally on closer inspection.

2. Manufacturer

Here everything is simpler and more complicated… First, the technology of promoted brands is usually more expensive than analogues from less well-known manufacturers. Secondly, unfortunately, a big name on the label does not always guarantee quality. And finally, if you look closely, it turns out that almost all the trimmers offered by stores are made in China. Absolutely no matter what brand they are sold under.

The idea of focusing primarily on the brand burst with a Bang after reading the reviews. All manufacturers have failed models — inconvenient, often broken, with maintenance problems, etc.

However, this does not negate the fact that a well-known manufacturer is highly likely to have better and more reliable equipment. In addition, it is easier to choose consumables and spare parts (if necessary), it is easier to repair in case of problems (products of unknown Chinese craftsmen sometimes do not take for repair).

Finally, since we are talking about battery equipment, it is reasonable to think about the future: most serious manufacturers have interchangeable batteries for different devices, so in the future, if you want to expand your Arsenal, you can save money.

Battery Trimmer: How To Choose And Whether To Choose It At All (Part 1)

Various ratings are called the leaders among manufacturers of battery trimmers by Bosch, Makita, Patriot, Stihl. The latter, however, I could not find inexpensive models on sale. But in this category, the company Greenworks is well represented, which, according to customer reviews, produces quite decent battery devices.

3. Configuration

To begin with (as already mentioned), we look at the presence of the actual battery and memory in the kit. If this is the first battery device in your Arsenal, it is advisable to choose a model with full equipment (when buying a battery and memory separately, the purchase will cost much more). If you already have the battery technology of the selected manufacturer, it is reasonable to first make sure that the existing battery and memory are suitable for the new device, and then make a decision.

Sometimes you come across very nice offers — for example, the scope of delivery of the trimmer Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-260 includes 2 batteries. However, keeping in mind where free cheese is usually found, you need to carefully study all the parameters of such offers in order not to miss something really important in the pursuit of profit.

You should also pay attention to the type of cutting element. In the battery is used as line trimmers, and knives. But in this case, the knives are not the metal discs that are equipped with powerful gasoline trimmers and that easily cut even young trees — for such work, battery-powered trimmers of medium and economy class are too weak (although more expensive models of the corresponding power may have metal cutting elements included). Light trimmers are equipped with plastic knives. Durability-appropriate (although in comparison with the fishing line, according to reviews, the knives are hardier).

Battery Trimmer: How To Choose And Whether To Choose It At All (Part 1)

But here there is another nuance: the availability of consumables (which should include, among others, knives) and the ability to replace them with analogues of other manufacturers. As evidenced by all the same reviews, this issue should be taken care of before the purchase, and not at the time when the item is required. Because the option “went and bought” is not relevant for all models.

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