How Does Aloe And Other Ornamental Houseplants Bloom (Part 1)

Indoor plants are very diverse, and many of them conquer us with the beauty of their foliage. We invite representatives of decorative leafy crops to our home, without expecting them to bloom. But these beauties are also capable of a feat: imbued with the care and love of their owner, they suddenly dare to show the most interesting thing — their inflorescences.

Flowering of crops with decorative leaves is a rare phenomenon for home conditions, so many flower growers are at a loss to guess what it might look like. Would you like to see this miracle?


This beauty came to us from the rainforests of New Guinea, famous for its warm, rainy climate. She agreed to grow indoors on the condition that it would create a comfortable living environment similar to the natural one. Only the most persistent flower growers manage to please Aglaonema. Having provided the plant with sufficient illumination, the correct regime of fertilizing and watering, maintaining a comfortable temperature and humidity, workers have the honor to annually contemplate 1-3 miniature white cobs wrapped in a light green blanket among the variegated foliage.

How Does Aloe And Other Ornamental Houseplants Bloom (Part 1)


This decorative leaf crop is valued for its eye-catching leathery leaves. They have an unusual crescent-shaped or pointed-heart shape, painted in a rich dark green color and decorated with snow-white veins. There are species with monophonic leaf plates-they are less spectacular.

Charm is given to both by a large inflorescence-a banana of a white or milky hue, which lasts 5-12 days. However, to see such a curiosity at home is unlikely to work: capricious Alocasia agrees to bloom only in the greenhouse.

How Does Aloe And Other Ornamental Houseplants Bloom (Part 1)

Aloe arborescens

Everyone knows about the healing properties of fleshy aloe leaves, and therefore this succulent is a welcome guest in any home. Highly decorative, however, the plant is difficult to call: patiently giving their leaves for treatment, the plant loses its beauty year after year. And few people know that this unsightly old man during the flowering period is able to transform beyond recognition.

Aloe arborescens throws out a long peduncle, decorated with a large inflorescence-a spike of bright red color. In nature, such a phenomenon is common, but the home plant does not have enough extreme conditions for such heroism.

How Does Aloe And Other Ornamental Houseplants Bloom (Part 1)


This houseplant is a godsend for the beginner. Aspidistra is absolutely undemanding to care for and will delight even an inexperienced grower with the juicy greenery of its beautiful glossy leaves. There is an opinion that the plant never blooms, but this is not true.

Often, the flowers of this mysterious culture go unnoticed, because they are formed on the rhizome on very short peduncles — and sometimes they are not able to break through the soil layer. But even the released purple evidence of favor is difficult to notice in the wilds of a dense leaf rosette: they are located at the very base of the leaves and bloom for only 1 day.

How Does Aloe And Other Ornamental Houseplants Bloom (Part 1)


Stately Dieffenbachia with large catchy leaves has won the favor of flower growers due to its bright appearance and unpretentiousness. The plant can put up with mediocre care-however, it will hold a grudge: it will not please the inattentive owner with flowering.

How Does Aloe And Other Ornamental Houseplants Bloom (Part 1)

If the beauty produces a long white cob, covered with a light green blanket, this is the highest sign on her part. You can get such an annual favor from Dieffenbachia if you create conditions for it similar to the warm, humid climate of the tropics.


Dracaena is one of the most popular indoor “palm trees”. The refinement of the culture is given by narrow pointed leaves, depending on the type they can be monophonic or variegated. This plant is able to decorate any interior-and if it gets into comfortable conditions, it will sometimes delight with flowering.

More often, Dracaena fragrans dares to do such a feat. Every 3-4 years, it produces a long drooping peduncle, decorated with unusual inflorescences-balls. They consist of small fragrant flowers of white and pink shades. Each such flower lives only 1 day.

How Does Aloe And Other Ornamental Houseplants Bloom (Part 1)


The elegant Zamioculcas, a close relative of Dieffenbachia, will also enjoy tropical conditions. This handsome man is also called a dollar tree: it is believed that the plant attracts prosperity to the house. True, non-superstitious flower growers appreciate this culture for completely different advantages: glossy, complex-feathered leaves, painted in a rich green color and growing to a length of up to 1 m.

The main beauty of Zamioculcas is in the decorative foliage. But if you provide it with proper care, you can see a miracle-a small cob of a cream shade, dressed in a light green cape. The flower is located on a thick short peduncle and usually hides behind the stems, so it often goes unnoticed.

How Does Aloe And Other Ornamental Houseplants Bloom (Part 1)


Those who believe in omens, certainly get Crassula, also called the money tree: it is believed that this succulent attracts good luck and wealth to the house. Crassula is a miniature tree with a thick stem and short branches, covered with round fleshy leaves — they look very impressive.

But this is not enough for curious flower growers: they put the plant in special conditions and make it bloom. With proper care, the money tree produces numerous inflorescences-panicles consisting of small star-shaped flowers. They exude a pleasant aroma and are usually painted in white and pink tones.

How Does Aloe And Other Ornamental Houseplants Bloom (Part 1)

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