How To Avoid Problems With a Water Heater In The Country (Part 2)

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Problem 3: fear of getting an electric shock due to problems with the suburban electrics

If your electrical panel does not have an RCD (protective power outage device), pay attention to models with built-in protection. With them, you don’t have to redo the wiring for the sake of installing a heater. We just bought the equipment, installed it, and started using it on the same day. And no contact with electricians!

The built-in RCD is triggered when the insulation of the heating element is damaged and current leaks when the cable inside the heater is damaged. The RCD does not react to overcurrents (like an automaton), but to low ones, which are formed during such malfunctions. And you can wash your hands with warm water without any fear for your life and health. In case of leakage, the device will immediately de-energize the water heater. The complete set of models of Electrolux water heaters of the Formax, Formax DL, Centurio IQ 2.0, Major LZR 2 series includes an RCD. It reliably protects not only from electric shock, but also from fire.

How To Avoid Problems With a Water Heater In The Country (Part 2)

Problem 4: failure due to increased hydraulic pressure

In a suburban water supply system, it is rarely possible to maintain a constant pressure. And his jumps are capable of disabling the water heater. A special valve that should be installed at the inlet to the heater will help to avoid this. Models of all flagship Electrolux or Splendore Dry series from Zanussi are supplied complete with high-quality valves designed for high pressure.

Problem 5: stagnation of water due to infrequent use

Safe use of the water heater is not only protection against current leakage, but also the provision of clean water. If you leave the heater on for a week, then arriving for the weekend, you can put yourself in great danger because of bacteria that have multiplied in stagnant water. Therefore, choose water heaters with the Bacteria Stop System antibacterial cleaning function, which is equipped with Electrolux Centurio IQ 2.0 series water heaters. In this mode, the equipment starts a cycle of heat treatment of water, during which bacteria die.

How To Avoid Problems With a Water Heater In The Country (Part 2)

Problem 6: the need to preserve the water heater for the winter

If your cottage is a seasonal dwelling, then the water heater must be preserved for the winter, that is, all the water must be drained. There is a special drain valve for this. The dry heater will survive the winter quite calmly, and in the spring you just reconnect it to the communications.

But what if weekend trips to the country continue in winter? Or if the closing-opening of the season takes place in several stages (you need to come, do things and leave again for a week or two)? In this case, the “Anti-freezing” mode will be a useful function. It allows you to leave the water heater in working condition even at low temperatures. The principle of operation of the mode is simple: if the water temperature drops to +4 ° C, the heating mode is automatically activated, which raises the temperature to +5 ° C. As soon as the set parameter is reached, the automation turns off the heating. This is how the most economical power consumption is achieved.

You can also use the remote control function to maintain a positive temperature in the heater or prepare hot water exactly for your arrival. For example, the Electrolux Centurio IQ 2.0 series water heaters have a USB connector for connecting a Wi-Fi module, which allows you to control them at any distance. Wherever you are, you can turn on or off the heater, adjust the required water temperature, set one or another mode. And when you come to the cottage, you can use hot water without delay. All settings are set from any gadget via a free app. This allows you to significantly save electricity, while remaining in the usual comfort zone.

How To Avoid Problems With a Water Heater In The Country (Part 2)


Modern water heaters are designed taking into account all possible features of operation. Choose high-quality equipment, trust trusted manufacturers, and there will be no problems in their work.

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