Manual Electric Saws, their Types and Features. Part 2

It is difficult to imagine a modern cottage without several electric saws for various purposes. For operations on separation of various materials and products, a range of mechanized tools are now used to accurately and quickly cut wood, thin metal, plastic and foam materials.

Particularly frequently demanded in everyday life. the manual model. They will be discussed in this article(Part 2).

Chain saws

Chain saws designed for cross cutting logs. Cutting is performed infinitely closed circuit, which consists of a series of interconnected cutting, chipping and connecting links. It moves along a closed path and bends around the working tire on the drive and tension sprockets.

Manual Electric Saws, their Types and Features. Part 2
Black & Decker chainsaw

The working bus is attached to the drive gear housing. It is used as either a collector-type electric motor or an internal combustion engine.

The main characteristics of these tools are:

  • maximum diameter of sawn logs;
  • the length of the bus;
  • cutting width;
  • the speed of movement of the chain.

Chains are usually three rows, each composed of pivotally connected links: clipping, cutting and shearing edges of the Central. In the process of cutting the wood fibers, followed by chipping and removal from the cut. The main efforts are made by the cutting links. The width of the cut is determined by the thickness of the chipping links.

Cutting speed is usually 5-10 m/s. light weight (5 kg) in combination with an ergonomic handle ensures easy operation. Electronic” brains ” of the saw guarantee high power over the entire load range and a constant speed of chain pulling. Start without jerks is possible thanks to the soft start function.

Chainsaws can be used in the processing of products containing metal. To do this, use a variety of saws, made in the form of “jigsaw”.

The so-called chain jigsaws for thermal insulation panels up to 150 mm thick, reinforced with steel sheets, are used for cutting and fitting directly to the construction site. The cutting tool here are three-row chain saws for metal. They saw 150 mm panels at speeds of up to 2.0 m / min with high cut quality (no burrs and no sparking).

A technologically important aspect of the working process is that the insertion and execution of cutting lines can be performed at different angles.

Saw blade

This term is understood as a saw with a cutting part in the form of a cantilever-exposed hacksaw blade, performing reciprocating movements of a certain frequency and stroke.

Manual Electric Saws, their Types and Features. Part 2
Professional saw blade saw from Bosch

According to the mutual arrangement of the longitudinal axes of the engine and the tool (angular and axial) are distinguished:

  • saw blades, saw blade;
  • reciprocating saw blade of the saw.

Manual Electric Saws, their Types and Features. Part 2
Hacksaw on the shoulder even steel beam

The latest release from the band saws with saw blade paintings increased in size, providing enhanced quality of cut. They are also called as joiner’s hand saws.

Reciprocating saws

These are light type saws weighing up to 4 kg, equipped with replaceable specialized and universal cutting blades up to 300 mm. they are Designed for sawing pipes, metal mesh, wooden bars with nails, etc. the Machines are well balanced and convenient for manipulation in different positions.

Manual Electric Saws, their Types and Features. Part 2
Battery hacksaw

Drive-gear type with Converter mechanism, providing the value of the blade stroke of about 30 mm at a controlled frequency of up to 60 Hz.

Of the novelties of the last time you can mark the battery with a hacksaw GSA18V-32 Professional (Bosch), serially equipped with a battery capacity 6,0 A•h. she’s Got the optimal ratio of performance and weight in its class.

Jigsaw saws

It saws of the reciprocating action belonging to the group of the saw blade. They are designed for figure cutting, as well as for operations with a depth of 130 mm.

Manual Electric Saws, their Types and Features. Part 2

The drive of the saw blades allows you to select the frequency of the slider with the saw blade (usually within 500-3100 per minute). The function of automatic stabilization of the selected mode with a swing of up to 25 mm makes it possible to process various materials and make cuts in the tree up to 130 mm.

To reduce the reaction exerted on the housing of the machine from the inertia forces in the actuator a device of the dynamic vibration dampening oscillations, usually in the form of balances (balancing device).

Depending on the type of blade used, cutting can be done both in reverse and in direct stroke of the slider (from top to bottom). Most often used cutting during the reverse course of the slider (from bottom to top), because in this period of time the machine is additionally pressed against the object of processing.

The quality of the sawn surfaces is different: it is higher where the cutting process begins, and lower where it ends. Therefore, a straight cut (from top to bottom) is used when you need a precise line of cut, without the removal of the saw blade, for flawless processing of products sensitive to plucking (cleavage) of the front surface (including plastic coated).

Manual Electric Saws, their Types and Features. Part 2
Mount the blade to the power tool

In order to avoid the “withdrawal” a number of companies complement the saw blade with special ceramic guides. To prevent the process of chipping of the treated surface, it is necessary to use anti-skid inserts, also included in the kit.

Precisely maintain the intended cutting line allows forced removal of chips from the cutting zone and free overview of the cutting zone through a transparent protective cover, which protects the operator from chip departure. To remove the chips, there are own and external systems in the form of a pipe for connecting a special vacuum cleaner hose.

Most of the designs of modern saw blades are equipped with a quick-change mounting system that allows you to quickly replace the saw. There are several types of fastening systems that require the use of hacksaw blades with a specific execution of their tail.

Operating modes, determined by the frequency and scope of double strokes of the tool, depend on the type of material being processed (wood, chipboard, metal, plastic) and its mechanical properties.

Safety when working with saw tools

This is the most important Chapter of the story. I saved it for last. Do not count cases easy and, unfortunately, serious injuries by mindless exploitation of these machines. And this happens not only with” young ” summer residents, but also experienced professionals.

Manual Electric Saws, their Types and Features. Part 2
Pay attention to work ethics-the operator-carpenter is obliged to work in sound-proof headphones

I have worked for three decades with a very competent employee, to whom the disc is already de-energized circular saw “grabbed” two fingers of his left hand. It was just in the country, when he was called by a neighbor. My colleague took off a finger from a start key( the disk still rotated), instinctively turned on a hail of the neighbor and…

So what should be paid attention to when working with these steel “alligators”?

  • Replacement of working bodies (saws, disks, chains) is made on the de-energized tool. It is necessary not just to turn off the trigger, and remove the plug from the outlet!
  • Clothing should fit tightly to the body. Various developing accessories-scarves, straps, overalls, loose sleeves-are fundamentally excluded.
  • When working with the tool, the operator must be confident to stand on both legs, without transferring even part of the mass of his body to the tool and the workpiece.
  • It is forbidden to work with a worn-out saw tool.
  • It is forbidden to remove the enclosing covers from the power tool.
  • It is forbidden to work with working saw discs that are not designed to work with this tool.
  • When working with power tools, it is important to constantly monitor the location of the current supply cord.

And the last of the storehouse of folk wisdom. To complete the article about saws it will be appropriate to recall the saying: “measure Seven times, cut once.” The author sincerely wishes you a pleasant and safe work with the saw tool. Good luck!

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