Screw Gun — a Mandatory Attribute of a Country Workshop

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Screw thread is one of the greatest technical inventions of mankind. It is used in threaded connections (screws, screws) of the vast majority of household appliances and Cabinet furniture, and is widely used in the construction business, and even more so in the country.

The appearance of threaded fasteners required the creation of tools to work with it. A screwdriver is found in every home, because we just need in the home. Wrap the screw or screw with it — a simple operation. However, the work associated with the wrapping of a significant number of fasteners, tiring and requires a lot of time. Therefore, the usual screwdriver was replaced by modern tools-Screw gun.

Screw Gun — a Mandatory Attribute of a Country Workshop
Screw gun is indispensable for the installation of structures

They are not afraid of a large amount of work on the device of the roof and floors, installation of sockets, locks and other “little things”. These two tools are similar to each other in principle and internal structure. But they were created for different operations. While Screw gun with their solid torque are designed to wrap the screws into a metal profile and into any materials made of wood, chipboard and fiberboard, the electric screw is good at screwing screws and small screws into a soft surface or into existing holes. In short, these two tools are not rivals in the “threaded” ring (market) and complement each other.

Screw gun designs

Immediately stipulate that created a lot of designs Screw gun, able to perform drilling work as well. It is enough to insert the drill into the Chuck. They are called – drills-Screw gun.

Screw Gun — a Mandatory Attribute of a Country Workshop
Using the-Screw gun drill, you can make a cylindrical selection

But in this article we will limit only to their “propensity” to wrapping threaded connections.

Screw Gun — a Mandatory Attribute of a Country Workshop
Screw jun wrench option

Traditionally, Screw diemut one-piece body pistol T-shaped. In its upper part are located:

  • manifold motor,
  • gearbox (often two-speed),
  • claw coupling,
  • the spindle with a node of fastening of the working body-bits.

A distinctive feature of Screw gun is precisely adjustable Cam clutch torque limit, which determines the tightening force of the fastener. The number of stages of regulation comes down to two dozen. The more control steps, the more precisely the required torque can be selected.

In the handle of the body are:

  • starting and regulating devices,
  • electrical suppression unit.

For convenience, the handle has an ergonomic shape with rubberized materials. It is worth adding that the body of the Screw gun is balanced so that its center of gravity is approximately in the center of the hand of the operator. This allows the latter to easily change the position of the tool and not get tired when working.

Screw Gun — a Mandatory Attribute of a Country Workshop
Backlighting is one of the great options of Screw gun

As a worthy example, the battery-powered Screw gun Bosch PSR Select is an absolutely universal tool that meets the highest requirements. He:

  • equipped with a built-in drum with 12 standard bits (working nozzles);
  • provides maximum efficiency in any work;
  • capable of wrapping up to 90 screws on a single battery charge;
  • easy and convenient, with optimal illumination of dark areas.

Screw Gun — a Mandatory Attribute of a Country Workshop

How much will you turn?

Any machine is characterized by the main parameter that most fully reflects its technological capabilities. In Screw gun this value is the maximum torque (tightening torque) created on the head of the screws when they are inserted into the material.

Screw Gun — a Mandatory Attribute of a Country Workshop
Working with Screw gun

After setting the desired torque value according to the recommendations in the Screw gun operating instructions, start the tightening process. Its end can be determined by the characteristic sound of the Cam clutch. Thus, Screw gun will tell you when to turn it off.

Briefly about “electrician”

Due to the noticeable progress in the creation of light and capacious batteries for power tools network Screw gun is almost no longer used in construction and everyday life. We will focus on the Screw gun, equipped with removable (sliding) battery packs.

What you need to know about the batteries that store electricity? The main thing is the voltage (V) and capacity (Ah). The battery life is also important. The actual operating conditions limit their service life to 600-800 recharge cycles.

Screw Gun — a Mandatory Attribute of a Country Workshop
Rechargeable Screw gun

Manual machines are equipped with devices that charge the batteries for half an hour, on the strength of an hour. The smaller the charging time, the more convenient the consumer. Currently, Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) and lithium-ion (Li) batteries are used. The latter type is more modern than the Ni-Cd, and has increased capacity and service life. In addition, it does not have a “memory effect”, which reduces the service life in the case of charging at a shallow degree of discharge.

Screw Gun — a Mandatory Attribute of a Country Workshop
Rechargeable Screw gun

When dealing with new batteries, it should be borne in mind that their full capacity is achieved only after “training” — several full cycles of “charge-discharge”. In this case, the consumer claims to them will not. All of the above applies not only to the Screw gun, but to a large extent to the electric battery screwdrivers. However, the latter battery is integrated into the handle and can be both built-in and removable.


Work, the Executive body of the entire instrument are the bits. These are special nozzles for Screw gun, with which screws, nuts, bolts are twisted and twisted.

Screw Gun — a Mandatory Attribute of a Country Workshop
Mounting angle

For each type of threaded fastener has its own nozzle. Fasteners with a simple slot under the” sting ” of the traditional screwdriver gradually goes down in history. It is replaced by geometrically more sophisticated gearing profiles, providing a uniform distribution of significant loads when wrapping screws, etc.

Important: always pick up the bat correctly so that it sits tight in the screw, without slipping. This will allow to extend its service life and facilitate the work with the Screw gun.

Screw Gun — a Mandatory Attribute of a Country Workshop
The blue color of the case is a sign of a professional tool from Bosch

Now on the construction market a large selection of Screw gun. Almost all tool companies have in their Arsenal several sizes of these much-needed power tools. Let’s name a few big names of companies, the quality of which is not in doubt: Bosch, Skil, Metabo, DeWalt, Hitachi, Makita.

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