Nettle Fertilizer: How to Prepare Herbal Infusion

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Growing vegetables, berries and fruits in our garden, we try to make them as useful as possible. A large number of summer residents completely abandon “chemistry”, preferring to use only organic fertilizers for fertilizing.

The most popular are rotten manure and compost, as well as chicken droppings. However, even if it is not possible to purchase these wonderful components, there is a way to make an excellent fertilizer that is suitable for almost any crop.

We are talking about a herbal infusion. But remember that not all herbs are suitable for this.Do not accept Atriplex, Elytra, and Stellaria, as they carry fungal diseases on their roots. Also, do not use the tops of tomatoes and cucumbers — for the same reason, to avoid the spread of diseases.

It is good to take such as mint or lemon balm, marigold, marigold, clover, yarrow. Wormwood, celandine and horseradish are also suitable, but in small quantities. These herbs are very common, they can be found both on your site and in the nearest forest.

However,the best plant for getting green fertilizer is nettle. It is important that the plants are seedless, otherwise we will get more harm than good.

A non-metallic container is required for cooking. This can be, for example, a plastic bucket or barrel.

Nettle Fertilizer: How to Prepare Herbal Infusion

Install a clean barrel in a sunny place or in a greenhouse. A fifty-liter container will take about 1.5-2 buckets of green raw materials. Another reference point — the grass should be from a third to half of the volume of the barrel.

Fill the container with water almost to the top and let it stand for a while to warm up. After the water temperature reaches +22…+25°C (71.6-77°F), add 100 ml of the preparation with microbiological fertilizer.

Then pour a small amount of “sweet”: the remains of unused last year’s jam or compote will do, and it is advisable to crush them a little beforehand. Mix everything well.

After a day, you will see that the process is in full swing. It should be noted that the use of microbiological fertilizers is not necessary, but even without this, the smell of the infusion will initially be very strong and pungent. In addition, the time of fertilizer production increases.

Nettle Fertilizer: How to Prepare Herbal Infusion

On the 3rd day, the herbal infusion is ready for use. In a 10-liter container, pour 3 liters of fertilizer and fill it to the top with water. This solution can be used to water any vegetable, berry or ornamental plants. It is advisable to use green fertilizer immediately, within 2-3 days, so it makes no sense to prepare for the future.

Do you use green fertilizers on your plot? Share your secrets of its production in the comments.

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