When To Sow Green Manure And How To Use It

What is the best and most natural soil improver? maybe it’s rotten manure, filling the beds with vital nutrients for plants? Or the “miraculous” sapropel that restores soil fertility?

How plants enrich the soil

As soon as it gets stronger, any plant constantly does a great job of improving the soil, because it is his home and the home of his children. By developing roots, the plant creates a soil structure. leaves organic matter in the tubules for microbes and worms. Shading the soil, saving moisture. Strengthens the soil, preventing blurring and deflation. And when he dies, he leaves a bit of humus on the surface — he gives his whole body to his descendants.

It is no exaggeration to say that the life of any plant is a selfless service to the life of future plants, and therefore to all living things. It’s great that we were blinded if we forgot about it and do not seek to apply it! Even in greenhouses, you need to use every opportunity to structure and fertilize the soil with plants.

When To Sow Green Manure And How To Use It

You still have seeds of any crops, unnecessary, overdue-do not throw them away, sow thicker on the freed land. Root crops are generally a luxury: Sow root crops in July and August. Leave the crop with the tops in the winter. How much food will the inhabitants of the soil get when everything rotts!

It should be mentioned that a lot of substandard seeds — screening-remain after the calibration of sugar beet seeds. they are very cheap, and the germination rate of 50-60% is quite enough for sideration. August sowing of sugar beet is an amazing siderate!

When To Sow Green Manure And How To Use It

When to sow siderates and why they should not be plowed

Siderates are plants or a mixture of plants sown to structure the soil, enrich it with nitrogen and organic matter, and raise minerals from the depths of the soil to the surface. Traditionally, they are buried. However, even E. Faulkner showed the fallacy of their smell. Deep in the soil, the greens do not rot for a long time. Moreover, its layer forms an artificial barrier: from below, subsurface moisture can not pass, and it is more difficult for roots to break through. this soil dries very quickly.

The greenhouse garden beds need to sow a green manure as early as possible in March. And in May, before planting seedlings, it remains to cut at a depth of 2-3 cm with a flat cutter or a razor hoe and mix with mulch — or leave on the surface. You just need to wait for cucumbers or tomatoes to grow among the mustard, and then lay it like a mulch around the shoots. under such conditions, siderates quickly rot, give up nutrients and turn into humus.

When To Sow Green Manure And How To Use It

it will be even smarter to trample the green carpet-lay the siderates and fill them with straw, i.e. give them to the worms. The main thing is to do it in time, not to let them tie the seeds.

Young weeds are better to tear up by the roots. But to leave them lying on the bed is a sacred thing. The same organic matter-and grew for our own benefit, only “without demand”! There is another beautiful winter green manure salads and chicory salads (endive). Sow them in August — and all winter on the beds lie huge bushes of juicy greenery. But lettuce plants are great for improving the soil!

When To Sow Green Manure And How To Use It

leave the plants on the ground to the maximum, because it is natural, nature has already thought through and provided for everything. Sow siderates (any remaining seeds will do) — or buy those crops that are best suited for your case.

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