Common Mistakes in Garden Design: Accessories, Mirrors and Planting Rows of Plants

The subject of mistakes is inexhaustible. In the final part of the article we will talk about the hobby garden figurines, the use of mirrors, as well as address the problem of planting. Let me remind you what was discussed in the first publications:

  1. Common Mistakes in Garden Design: Bundles and Boundaries
  2. Common Mistakes in Garden Design: hape, Color, Composition

Error 8. Excessive fascination with figures and accessories

Garden figurines always enliven the garden. It’s the truth. But all should comply with the measure.

Common Mistakes in Garden Design: Accessories, Mirrors and Planting Rows of Plants
With figures and accessories here clearly overdo it

Sometimes only one expressive figure makes the landscape memorable.

Common Mistakes in Garden Design: Accessories, Mirrors and Planting Rows of Plants
Even one figure, if it is well chosen, looks advantageous

It’s bad when faux decor dominates the living plants.

Common Mistakes in Garden Design: Accessories, Mirrors and Planting Rows of Plants
And this figure suppresses plants

The next “trouble” – versatile edecor. Remember that any synthetic streamlines, so it is better to choose figures from natural materials. Will competently if you at registration of a garden will choose one material, for example, ceramics, or a tree, or a stone – design with figures from one material is especially convincing.

However, there are exceptions to any rule. There they are. Usually figures-this is just an addition. But you can” build ” the entire design of the garden, taking them as a basis. Then you must have a lot of them by definition. The main thing – their selection and arrangement. You can’t take any figures, not paying attention to the story and material, and to put anywhere. The garden should appear to any scenario where logically fit all of your “characters”. For example, if it is a “fairy” or “magic” garden, then all the figures let them be heroes of fairy tales. You can create a script for the whole garden or select conditional zones in it – and then in each of them the script can be different. Then you can make a whole collection of figures, and it will be beautiful.

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But remember that figurines are not just”characters”. These include many different items. For example, miniature constructions such as “toy” bridge or bench. On this bridge do not go and on a bench, not sitting, but how fantastically beautiful they look in the garden. Such designs are possible and even necessary to combine with the figurines, characters.

Error 9. Incorrect use of mirror effects

Long live the mirror of an old wardrobe! Joke-old furniture is better left alone. “Mirror” reception-one of the most potent. It helps not only to significantly increase the visible size of the site, but also to adjust its shape and make the whole space much more interesting for perception. And it allows you to make the garden especially harmonious, perfectly fit it into the surrounding environment.

But! Despite the name, it does not mean only the use of garden mirrors. Its sense is in the capable repetition of various garden motifs. Contemplation means reflection, repetition, similarity. It is well known that mirrors double the space, and your garden can also become such a “virtual” mirror. It’s very simple: pay attention to the views outside the garden. And then, when planning, repeat certain elements of what you see on your site:

  • if you see a lake in the distance, plan on your site pond;
  • if small river-stream;
  • if birch grove is a planting of birch trees;
  • if the hilly landscape of the rock garden.

The principle is as follows: the surrounding nature should reflect on your site as if in a mirror. Because we see the whole “picture” as a whole, not selectively. When we look at the garden, we “capture” and all that is beyond it. We cannot concentrate, distract and perceive only what is in the perimeter of the site. Moreover, even a high fence can not prevent to see the distant environment. If the species are different, there is no sense of harmony.

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As for the near objects, they are, of course, perceived the most. But this tactic is somewhat different: we need to avoid, and to incorporate them into their own composition. For example, if you see a neighbor’s tree behind the fence, then you need to include it in your composition. Just in this place the fence so organize a group of ornamental bushes to the neighbor’s tree looked a part of it.

If you do not apply these basic principles, the mirrors, which are written so much, will not give a special effect, only complement the space.

Although the effect is good: if you use these mirrors, the space is doubled, the illuminance is too. The mirror is a universal disguise. Enough to hang it on any not too decorative object or design that you want to hide, and they immediately disappear.

The mirror can be designed as an arch or gate, and its boundaries can be hidden with the help of vertical gardening. The garden mirror is very beautiful and very fashionable. Previously, there was a method of hanging pictures on the walls- “blende”, but, you see, there is no better artist than nature itself, and it is better not to draw it, but to reflect.

Attention! The garden mirror is a special mirror, not the mirror from the hallway!

  1. First, they have an aluminum amalgam.
  2. Secondly, they are large enough, frameless, with a rolling edge.
  3. Form of such mirrors: – on concrete conditions. They can be as rectangular, round or square, and in the form of mirror strips, individual blocks, composite “panels”, or even wavy.
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If you put such a mirror in any place,it will not give anything.

Common Mistakes in Garden Design: Accessories, Mirrors and Planting Rows of Plants
Such a mirror decisively nothing not will give

Need to place mirror on different structures: fences, walls of buildings. Make sure: your mirror should reflect the types of nature, not a barn or a toilet.

Common Mistakes in Garden Design: Accessories, Mirrors and Planting Rows of Plants
Garden mirrors are still needed and properly install

Error 10. Variety of plants when planting in rows

No matter how much you acquire stunningly beautiful rare plants, the effect will still not be if you plant them in rows and at a great distance from each other. And what will happen? The technical effect of the plantation.

Common Mistakes in Garden Design: Accessories, Mirrors and Planting Rows of Plants
Planting plants at a distance

The design involves planting of courtesans and not on straight lines. I’m talking about ornamental crops, not fruit.

Common Mistakes in Garden Design: Accessories, Mirrors and Planting Rows of Plants
But the planting of the clumps

Decorative cultures at dense landings even more beautiful and more magnificent bloom. Just look at the different types of flower beds to make sure.

And you made mistakes in the planning and design of the site?

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