What Are the Dangers of An Artificial Christmas Tree?

The Christmas symbol present in most of our houses and apartments is always the same-it is a Christmas tree. Living forest beauty, no doubt, good, but in many respects inferior to his half-artificial sister. And the fact that, buying a tree made of synthetic material, we leave alive 15-20 real, and we should not say.

Positive qualities of an artificial Christmas tree weight. First, it is durable. A period of careful operation is up to 20 years. In some houses there are real rarities up to 35 years old. Secondly, it is beautiful and clean — you do not have to sweep the fallen needles on the third day after installation and continue to do so throughout the holidays. Third, once purchased, it will be on hand for many years. Such reliability is very useful for busy people, there is no need in the festive bustle to deal with the choice, purchase and, most importantly, delivery of wood to the place of celebration.

What Are the Dangers of An Artificial Christmas Tree?

Unfortunately, the artificial Christmas tree is fraught with dangers. Some of them can be provided and leveled in the process of choosing a Christmas beauty. With others will have to accept and just keep them in mind in the process of operation.

What are artificial Christmas trees made of

The main material for the manufacture of needles is, however, the methods of its use are different. PVC can be in the form of a film, and then you get a “spruce” (the cheapest option), if you take a plastic fishing line, then you will get a “pine”, and the most expensive and plausible coniferous branches are made by casting. But in any case, the raw materials must be of high quality. Otherwise, the new year’s symbol will bring disappointment, and even cause illness.

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What Are the Dangers of An Artificial Christmas Tree?

That is why an artificial Christmas tree is very desirable to buy in person and in the store. It’s warm, and you’re sure to feel a sign of danger — an unpleasant smell, if there is one. You can’t do that in a cold street Bazaar. Also, the sharp smell is not transmitted through the monitor screen. Paying by card “premium Artificial Christmas trees with lights, glow all over the country” made in China keep in mind that you are buying a pig in a poke.

Herringbone, do not burn!

Any material from which imitations are made is combustible. The place to install such a tree should be chosen far away from radiators and fireplaces. Special attention should be paid to the serviceability of electric garlands, and buy models that do not heat up. But there is an interesting bonus. On sale, you can find Christmas trees that glow by themselves – these are fiber-optic and led options.

What Are the Dangers of An Artificial Christmas Tree?

I think it is not even necessary to say that real candles are better not to bring close to synthetic wood at all, and you can not set fire to sparklers and other pyrotechnics next to it.

Check it for stability

Artificial Christmas trees of medium and large sizes are solid and collapsible. And the more reliable the design, the, firstly, the tree is more durable, and secondly, safer. Frail stem with shaky mounts, thin bending twigs — this is, of course, a sign of poor quality goods. You will not be able to dress up beautifully such a “symbol” of the New year.

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Choosing a Christmas tree, check everything with your own hands and eyes-you do not buy for a couple of years. A whole tree is the easiest to collect — it is enough to install it on a support and bend the branches. Sometimes it is composed of 2-3 parts that are inserted into each other.

What Are the Dangers of An Artificial Christmas Tree?

A prefabricated model, especially with numbered (labeled) branches, should have a clear instruction to follow. The trunk must be collected from the bottom up, from the thick bottom to the thinner. Then branches are hung — also from the bottom up.

What Are the Dangers of An Artificial Christmas Tree?

A mandatory attribute is a reliable Foundation that will withstand a particular model and give it stability. Best of all, if a large and heavy Christmas tree, it is made of metal (not plastic). This is especially important if you have small children or any age cats in your home.

What Are the Dangers of An Artificial Christmas Tree?

From where?

The question of cleanliness for a large number of Housewives can be decisive when choosing in favor of an artificial Christmas tree. Of course, under it there will not be a daily pile of needles that will cling to the legs, clothes and then spread throughout the house. That is, we believe that synthetic wood is pure. And here lies the danger. You can’t know where the tree was before you bought it.

What Are the Dangers of An Artificial Christmas Tree?

Of course, if you bought it at a street market, you can assume with great accuracy how long it stood in the wind and what types of pollution during this time it got. It can be exhaust of cars, dirt from under feet and wheels, birds, besides, fly, dogs run… it is not necessary to speak about cleanliness any more. And this is another argument in favor of buying a Christmas tree in a reliable store. There, the probability of buying a pure product is much higher.

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Cleanliness is the key to health

Even your native Christmas tree, which you remember from childhood, you need to wash. Where do you keep it, on the mezzanine? It must be dusty. If you carefully pack the tree in a box or bag, then it is, of course, cleaner, but it is desirable to clean it after 2-3 New years.

What Are the Dangers of An Artificial Christmas Tree?

If you are the owner of an expensive Christmas tree made of high quality plastic, you can pour water into the bath and soak your beauty in disassembled form, adding a delicate detergent (shampoo). After half an hour, gently RUB it with a soft brush, rinse, shake and dry.

Models of PVC film or fishing line is better to vacuum first, using a furniture nozzle, and then gently wipe with a damp cloth. Do not forget to rinse it often and change the water if necessary. Fiber-optic, led, musical, Christmas trees made of rain and similar material can not be wetted. You can only gently vacuum or go outside and, armed with a dry cloth, clean off the dust from them.

What Are the Dangers of An Artificial Christmas Tree?

Artificial Christmas tree, in my opinion — is the best solution for new year holidays, from whatever side you look. But, as in any other issue, you need to take a responsible approach to the choice of a festive tree and its operation. Saving on quality will turn into disappointment and regret about the spoiled mood. Let your Christmas trees be completely safe and bring only joy and a sense of celebration!

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