Top Dressing For Indoor Flowers: What And How To Cook At Home

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A good hostess does not lose anything, everything goes into action. Therefore, indoor plants grow by leaps and bounds, and bloom — there is nowhere more beautiful. And feeding with folk remedies helps in this — an infusion from the shell and drainage from the husk.

Indoor plants are particularly in need of fertilizing in spring and summer. With the help of improvised tools, you can easily and quickly create excellent organic fertilizers for your green pets.

What to prepare natural fertilizers from

In order for the top dressing for indoor flowers to be prepared easily and quickly at home, you will need:

  • spray gun;
  • a bottle of mineral water;
  • a jug of water;
  • a bowl;
  • onion husk;
  • orange peels;
  • eggshell;
  • wood ash;
  • husks from sunflower seeds and pumpkins.

1. Onion husk

Fill the onion husks with water. We insist for a day. Then we throw away the husk, and water the plants with the infusion. This is not only useful for their growth, but also contributes to the disinfection of the soil.

Top Dressing For Indoor Flowers: What And How To Cook At Home

2. Orange peels

Peel the oranges with water and insist for three days. Then we filter the infusion, pour it into a spray bottle and process the leaves of plants from above and below with it. Due to the high content of essential oils, the smell of orange peel is not tolerated by many pests — scabies, spider mites, thrips.

3. Eggshells

An excellent fertilizer for flowers is obtained from eggshells. To do this, the shell must be soaked in water for several days. Then it is thrown away, and the resulting infusion is watered by the plants.

Top Dressing For Indoor Flowers: What And How To Cook At Home

4. Wood ash

As a top dressing, you can use ash diluted in water, at the rate of 0.5 liters of ash per 10 liters of water.

5. Sunflower and pumpkin husks

The husk from the seeds is a wonderful drainage and baking powder. In addition, it is suitable not only for indoor plants, but also for growing seedlings.

Top Dressing For Indoor Flowers: What And How To Cook At Home

For small plants, it is better to use small sunflower husks, for large ones-the husk from pumpkin seeds.

6. Ordinary water

A good top dressing for flowers at home is water in which we wash or cook various cereals. Of course, the water for watering plants should be at room temperature.

The water in which you wash fish or meat is also an excellent liquid organic fertilizer for flowers. And it is also good to water the plants with ” old ” water from the aquarium when you change the water in it.

7. Carbonated water

Occasionally, you can water the plants with carbonated mineral water. Carbon dioxide removes calcium — this is the same white limescale that forms on flower pots due to hard water.

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