Summer Smoothie-Diet

Summer comes – the most fertile time for a smoothie diet. Vegetables, greens, berries and fruits in the summer in abundance, and there is not particularly hot.

Smoothie is a cocktail of fresh (frozen) fruits, berries and vegetables with various additives: kefir, yogurt, boiled oatmeal, linseeds, fresh herbs, sprouts. All ingredients are mixed in a blender until smooth.

Summer Smoothie-Diet

Smoothie is called “liquid food”for a reason. The glass of this dense cocktail of saturates as a full meal, and vitamins and is superior to many culinary creations.

Summer Smoothie-Diet

For all its nutritional value, smoothies are a truly dietary and low — calorie product. Of course, provided that you do not put sugar and do not abuse bananas. A fiber-rich cocktail will improve digestion and reduce weight. In a week you can lose 3 kilograms.

Tasty and healthy

What is the benefit of smoothies?

Summer Smoothie-Diet

  • In addition to fiber, vegetables and fruits are rich in oxygen, which activates the process of burning fat.
  • In a smoothie you can put unloved dietary products-those that do not want to eat in pure form.
  • Smoothies are not stale, and the chance to stand the diet anymore.

Who needs a smoothie diet is contraindicated?

With caution should be treated to smoothie allergies and those who have gastritis with high acidity of the stomach.

Prepare a cocktail

What is the principle of nutrition?

  • One glass of smoothie is one serving of food. Relies on day 3-4 cups. You can drink smoothies in small SIPS or eat slowly with a teaspoon. Stretching the pleasure, you will not miss the moment of saturation.
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Summer Smoothie-Diet

  • Between meals, drink plenty of clean water.
  • If you eat a vegetable smoothie and you want to add salt and pepper to this “liquid salad”, you can not stop yourself.
  • And if you want to sweeten fruit smoothies, choose brown sugar, and even better honey. But no more than one teaspoon a day, in fruits and so much fructose.
  • Difficult to tolerate diet? Just arrange a fasting day for a smoothie.

How to get out of the diet?

Gradually. On the first day, add boiled vegetables to the menu, and on the second day add vegetable stew or sauté. On the third day, return to your usual diet.

Summer Smoothie-Diet

Sample menu handling of the day

  • Breakfast: half a banana, 3 strawberries, half a Cup of low-fat yogurt and orange juice, 1 teaspoon of linseed whisk in a blender.
  • Lunch: 100 g of boiled veal and vegetable smoothie (half a cucumber, tomato, celery stalk, beat in a blender with 3 tablespoons of natural yogurt; add green onions, salt, a drop of Tabasco sauce).
  • Dinner: half an Apple, pear and carrot, 30 g spinach, 2 broccoli inflorescences beat in a blender. Add 100 ml of fresh orange juice.

Tip: Prepare a smoothie right before eating. After a couple of hours the concentration of nutrients is reduced.

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