How To Feed The Whole Family With One Cucumber: Discovering The Secrets Of Chinese Hybrids

Do you think a catchy headline is just for the sake of a red word? But no: this is possible if you grow hybrids of Chinese cucumbers. Unusual and attractive cucumbers with a length of 30 cm or more will not leave anyone indifferent! Juicy, deliciously flavorful and delicious, they are ideal for salads. It is worth trying this salad once, and you will sow Chinese cucumbers constantly.

These cucumbers are never bitter and do not turn yellow when overgrown. Hybrids of Chinese cucumbers grow splendidly in different regions. They are grown both in the open ground and in greenhouses. The main thing is to tie the lashes to the trellis in time. Unlike ordinary cucumbers, which by the end of summer look very sad, cold-resistant and resistant to a number of diseases, “Chinese” fruit almost before frost. The combination of long-term fruiting and large fruit size allows you to get amazing yields!

9 advantages of Chinese cucumber

  1. A giant cucumber! Cucumbers are large, 30 to 50 cm long, dense, with juicy flesh.
  2. Amazing fragrance. The juice of Chinese hybrids contains more essential compounds responsible for the characteristic cucumber flavor than in ordinary cucumbers.
  3. Great taste. Best choice for delicate vegetable salads.
  4. The ability to harvest crops, coming only on weekends. These cucumbers are not bitter and do not turn yellow when overgrown.
  5. The plant independently regulates the number of ovaries. The fruit is perfectly shaped.
  6. Unpretentiousness. Cucumbers grow successfully both in greenhouses and in the open ground.
  7. Cold resistance. Plants bear fruit almost before frost.
  8. Resistance to disease.
  9. Impressive yield.
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Fast, simple, delicious, a lot! These cucumbers are the dream of any gardener. Do you also want to grow these? Then choose the best of the best hybrids of “Chinese” cucumber.

‘Anaconda F1’

With the parthenocarpic hybrid ‘Anaconda F1’ a rich harvest is provided for you.

This hybrid is a godsend for owners of small greenhouses: 2-3 bushes placed on 1 m² will give 11-13 kg of fruit! (Of course, with proper care-regular watering and fertilizing.) The plant will need to be tied to a trellis, forming optimally into a single stem. The first fruits can be removed in 47-52 days after germination. The quality will please you: the flesh is tender, juicy, flavorful, without voids. A family of 4 people can be fed a salad of 3-4 cucumbers, because they grow up to 30-50 cm long! The ideal taste of fruit is fresh and slightly salted.

‘White kite F1’

Suitable for growing in the open ground of southern regions, in mid-latitudes-in greenhouses and greenhouses. Precocious: the first cucumber can be plucked in 35-38 days after the emergence of seedlings. The fruits are very beautiful (light green, about 30-35 cm long) and surprisingly delicious (juicy, very fragrant, thin skin, tender flesh, sweet).

Very reliable: consistently gives a high yield in adverse conditions (heat, low plus temperatures, placement in the shade) — 7-9 kg per Bush. Cucumber ‘White snake F1’ is resistant to the main diseases of Pumpkin. It will persist in fruiting until October, when most cucumbers of other varieties and hybrids will already be on the compost heap.

‘Chinese F1 centenarian’

‘Chinese long-lived F1’ is an early-maturing parthenocarpic hybrid. Its undeniable advantage is stable fruiting in adverse growing conditions. Even in a cloudy, cool summer, a plentiful crop of excellent cucumbers is provided for you.

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It is easy to form into a single stalk — and consistently get a plentiful crop of smooth cucumbers with excellent taste qualities. Cucumbers ‘Chinese long-lived F1’ are never bitter — on the contrary, they taste sweeter than most other salad hybrids and varieties.

‘Chinese sticks F1’

High-yielding parthenocarpic hybrid ‘Chinese sticks F1’ is suitable for open and protected ground. Early begins fruiting: 45-48 days after the emergence of seedlings, you can shoot the first crop. Growing this hybrid, you will appreciate the excellent quality of its fruits — sweet, with a rich fresh cucumber flavor, thin skin and juicy flesh.

Ideal for light summer salads and making sandwiches. The hybrid is highly resistant to cladosporiosis, cucumber mosaic virus, true and false powdery mildew.

‘Ni Hao F1’

High-yielding parthenocarpic hybrid ‘Ni Hao F1’ is suitable for growing in closed ground. It is characterized by long-term fruiting, very hardy: resistant to short-term drought, low positive temperatures, resistant to the main cucumber diseases.

Cucumbers are smooth, thin, and long. Ideal for salads: the flesh is tender, without voids, juicy, flavorful. An additional advantage of young cucumbers-without loss of quality, they can be stored for several days even at room temperature.

‘Dark night F1’

Pay attention to the delicious salad novelty-hybrid ‘Dark night F1’. Fast-growing parthenocarpus will give the first fruit in 38-40 days from the appearance of seedlings. Suitable for growing both in the open ground (in the South) and in greenhouses (in the middle lane).

Plantings do not thicken, the strong-growing plant will be comfortable for 2-3 PCs. per 1 m². It will also need a garter to the trellis, regular watering and fertilizing. But the hybrid is worth it, believe me! It does not mind the heat, low plus temperatures and slight shading, it is almost immune to diseases of pumpkin crops. Another advantage of the hybrid ‘Dark night F1’ – extended (until October) fruiting period. The yield is 20-25 kg/m². Cucumbers are sweet, crunchy, juicy-ideal for flavorful vitamin salads.

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‘Chill F1’

Early-maturing parthenocarpic hybrid ‘Chill F1’ is suitable for growing under film shelters. The first fruits can be removed after 45-50 days from germination.

Cucumbers are lined, 30-35 cm long, sweet, with a thin skin, juicy, flavorful-these fruits are ideal for sandwiches and light vegetable salads. And with regular watering and timely fertilizing, you can collect more than 7 kg of cucumbers from each Bush.

Choosing seeds of long-fruited Chinese cucumbers, summer residents can be calm: fresh salads will be on the table until late autumn, regardless of the vagaries of the weather.

We wish you a rich harvest and good health!

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