How to Get Rid of Moles: From Absurd to Really Useful Ways (Part 1)

A mole who has settled on a dacha plot is not interested in growing cultivated plants on it. Its main purpose — earthworms, slugs, larvae, beetles and other insects. But in search of food, this animal lays numerous underground corridors and “rams” on its way the root system of not only garden plants, but even shrubs and trees. As a result, the crop is lost, the flower garden is destroyed, and the land owner is in a panic.

If you have to deal with such an active pest, do not give up: this underground animal is not as elusive as it may seem at first glance. Today, there are many ways to help rid the site of moles – it remains only to choose the most suitable option for you.

Store funds

It is no secret that many people would like to buy a “magic pill” – a tool that quickly and effectively solves the problem. Product manufacturers offer various options.

Traps for moles

Only the same unfortunate gardener who has given up in the endless struggle against this pest can understand an angry summer resident who is ready to do anything to save himself from the mole problem. And again, the stores flaunt fishing equipment with impressive names, such as “Harpoon Traps”, “Choke Trap”, “Scissor Trap”, and so on.

How to Get Rid of Moles: From Absurd to Really Useful Ways (Part 1)

This method of dealing with moles is probably the fastest and most effective – one-two and done! You just need to find an active mole promotion and install it in the wormhole according to the instructions. Active progress is easy to recognize: seal the wormhole with a paw – if it recovers in a couple of days, it means that the animal goes here all the time.


According to the same principle, poisons are laid in wormholes, which can be bought in any store for gardeners. There are many varieties of them, but the result after use is the same: the animal eats a tasty morsel with an attractive smell and dies after a few hours.

Smoke bomb

Those who want to make the animal die a more painful death can resort to more sophisticated sadism-buy special smoke bombs that can create a dense smoke screen even underground with a minimum amount of oxygen. In this case, you will need to set fire to several of these pieces, put them in active wormholes and immediately sprinkle with earth. Instead of going out into the fresh air, the animal will go into the depths of its tunnel, where it will soon suffocate from the acrid smoke.


Because when interacting with nature, mostly people with a fine mental organization, who were impressed by the fierce struggle with moles, are in the minority. For more humane gardeners, manufacturers offer a means to repel moles – ultrasonic and vibration.

How to Get Rid of Moles: From Absurd to Really Useful Ways (Part 1)

The principle of operation of the first is based on the constant reproduction of ultrasonic pulses, the second emit low-frequency vibrations. Sensitive to both these and other stimuli, the mole first begins to “freak out” due to the fact that his digestion is disturbed, and then decides to move away from such an inconvenient territory.

If you decide to use such a device, remember that each repeller only works in a certain range, so calculate how many of these devices will need to be installed in your territory.

Purchased “flavors”

Another option of a ready – made humane means of combating the mole is biological products, which are pellets or balls that emit an unpleasant mole taste. Such balls will need to be buried in the ground throughout the dacha territory at a certain distance (this interval is different for different manufacturers) and quietly go to do other things. Moles at this time will begin to pack their bags and go on a long journey.

How to Get Rid of Moles: From Absurd to Really Useful Ways (Part 2)

How to Get Rid of Moles: From Absurd to Really Useful Ways (Part 1)

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