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Large-Flowered Clematis x Jackmanii And Clematis Viticella: Care, Varieties, Photos

Bush clematis varieties of the Viticella and Jackmanii groups delight the eye with large flowers and do not require special care. Portrait of a plant The Viticella group includes varieties, one of the “parents” of which is clematis Viticella, in the Jackmanii group, respectively, – clematis Jackmanii. The shoots of […]

Clematis – King of Vines: Cultivation, Species, Varieties (Part 3)

The first meeting with a well-grown clematis is simply stunning: in front of you is a green wall, completely covered with flowers-stars. On one plant at the same time can bloom up to 500 flowers at the same time! ‘Piilu’ The grade of the Estonian selection. The flowers are pink-purple, […]

Clematis – King of Vines: Cultivation, Species, Varieties (Part 2)

This is a perennial vine, which is characterized by rapid growth, endurance and, most importantly, a great, bright and long flowering. Early blooming varieties in the middle lane bloom in may, mass flowering — from June to frost. Overview of varieties of clematis From the variety of varieties we have […]

Clematis – King of Vines: Cultivation, Species, Varieties (Part 1)

Writing about clematis modern authors with good reason, though corny, call it “a true masterpiece among the climbing”, “king of the climbing”, “star among the vines” , etc. Introduction to clematis So, clematis, it is mainly climbing plant, rising up with leaf stalks, which in contact with the support quickly […]