Stimulators of Plant Growth: the Correct Application (Part 2)

If a person decided to understand the mechanism of self-regulation of a living organism, ways to maintain the constancy of its internal structure (homeostasis), to understand the order of interaction of individual organs. And the knowledge to use for their own benefit.

Is it simple or is it very difficult?

The most common in the artificial regulation of the processes of living plants received auxins — natural and synthetic. They are used for the following purposes:

  • strengthening of root formation in cuttings and restoration of the root system of plants during transplantation;

Stimulators of Plant Growth: the Correct Application (Part 2)

  • obtaining seedless fruits, for example, seedless grapes;
  • increasing the number of female flowers on dioecious plants (cucumbers, pumpkins);
  • yield increase of tomatoes — the fruits grow faster and contain higher amounts of sugars;

Stimulators of Plant Growth: the Correct Application (Part 2)

  • increasing the number of ovaries of fruit trees;
  • improvement of seed germination;
  • facilitate harvesting of the fruit when treated with auxins reduced falling ripe;
  • increase the duration and abundance of flowering ornamental crops.

In addition to auxins, other hormones are used in agriculture:

  • treatment with gibberellins increases the volume of green mass, which is important for flax and hemp crops, forage plants;
  • ethylene and its derivatives accelerate the ripening of fruits, stimulate the flowering of some cultures, increase the number of female flowers.

It would seem that stimulants and growth regulators are a miracle remedy for gardeners and gardeners. Bought the right drugs and process everything, getting a “beard” of roots, bunches of ovaries and large sweet fruits faster and more than usual.

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Stimulators of Plant Growth: the Correct Application (Part 2)

Important features of the use of stimulants

But it is not so simple, as evidenced by the negative reviews of various growth stimulants. For example, that in the treatment of drugs, spurring the process of root formation, the opposite effect was achieved — the plant not only did not increase a lot of new, but also died out all the roots.

Why is this happening? Because it is not necessary to treat the regulators of development and growth accelerators as a lifesaver, used in all cases. And most importantly, you should carefully read the instructions and follow them. To from the means of activation was the use of, the first thing to remember, phytohormones — it’s not fertilizer.

Growth regulators — not fertilizers

The use of drugs for better and rapid development does not negate traditional agricultural practices. Growth promoters — do not replace nutrients obtained by plants from fertilizing. Moreover, using plant hormones, you need to provide your green Pets with enhanced nutrition.

Stimulators of Plant Growth: the Correct Application (Part 2)

Remember the analogy with the effect of adrenaline on the human body — a sudden multiple excess of normal physical capabilities in a dangerous situation, a person is exhausting. Yes, you can gradually accustom it to increased loads. But those who regularly jump higher, run faster and lift heavier weights than ordinary people, that is, athletes, need special enhanced nutrition.

Growth stimulation or hormonal failure?

We are all well aware of the dangers of a hormonal imbalance in the human body. And even the planned reconfiguration of the hormonal background (during puberty or menopause) can bring trouble and discomfort.

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Stimulators of Plant Growth: the Correct Application (Part 2)

Substances that regulate the processes in the green body, no wonder called hormones — for normal plant life requires their precise balance. It is necessary to correctly understand how this or that phytohormone, introduced from the outside, will affect the plant, as well as how different active substances are combined with each other and complement each other. The plant should develop harmoniously.

Right — so on time and in the right amount

Treatment with growth stimulants should be carried out when the plant is in the phase of its development in which its cells, tissues and organs are susceptible to the hormones used, and not when you remembered about it, managed to get to the country and found time. The hormonal background of the green body changes even during the day. For example, gibberellins act during the day, and auxins — in the dark.

Stimulators of Plant Growth: the Correct Application (Part 2)

When using hormonal drugs, it is important to observe the concentration: in the plant itself, these substances are produced in very small volumes. If the amount of active substance in the prepared solution exceeds the required, it will have no stimulating, but rather depressing effect. And very strong concentrations can kill the plant. This applies to both artificially synthesized and natural hormones. In agriculture, growth promoters such as auxins in high concentrations are used as herbicides — to inhibit the growth of weeds.

Growth substances are not selective

Phytohormones of different plants have the same nature, similar chemical composition and principle of action. Therefore, stimulants have the same effect on cultivated plants and on weeds. Do not be surprised if after processing you “please” with their success in growth, not only vegetables but also weeds.

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Stimulators of Plant Growth: the Correct Application (Part 2)

To obtain the desired and predictable result, the plant must be given the desired hormone, diluted in the correct concentration, during a certain phase of development and taking into account the time of day. Do not forget that for different cultures suitable for processing time is also different.

Stimulants and growth regulators based on phytohormones — a powerful and effective tool in the fight for the harvest. But, like any tool, they need to be able to properly use.

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