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Tomatoes From the Seed to the Grown-Up Seedlings (Part 1)

Growing tomatoes is a very exciting process. Especially if you do it from scratch, starting with the selection of seeds and ending with the collection of ripe fruits. This publication will be useful primarily for gardeners-beginners who are just taking the first steps to their own harvest. However, experienced summer […]

How To Plant And Care For Poppy

Quivering petals of poppies excite the imagination. This fiery flower was well known in ancient Rome, where it was still successfully used in medicine. Poppy is a herb belonging to the Poppy family. Poppy is perennial, biennial and annual. In total, about 100 species grow in nature. Single flowers of […]

Caryopteris: Botanical Reference, Cultivation and Care

Karyopteris is a perennial deciduous shrub.Currently, karyopteris belongs to the genus Lamiaceae, and was previously assigned to the Verbena family. I have been looking at them for a long time, but I could not choose the type and variety. Everyone knows that the same photo is often used on the […]

How To Plant And Care For Echinacea

Once you meet Echinacea, you will never be able to forget its exquisite bright flowers. That’s what happened to me. I saw it by chance, in the garden of a grandmother, and at the same moment decided that this flower should settle in my flower bed. And having learned from […]

How To Plant And Care For Hellebore

Hellebore an amazing beauty plant that was popular in the Middle ages: it was believed that hellebore protects against witchcraft, the evil eye and evil spirits, which is why it was planted near the entrance to the house or yard. Today, of course, it is valued for other qualities. It […]

How To Plant And Care For Basil

Basil-a beautiful plant, a wonderful healer and a favorite spice, the secrets of growing which I will tell you in this article. A native of Asia, but not all countries immediately appreciated his merits, despite the fact that he was worshipped in Iran, India and Ceylon. By the way, the […]

How To Plant And Care For Salvia

For as long as I can remember, Salvia grew up in our garden — first in my grandmother’s, then in my mother’s, and now in mine. Its charming and slightly intoxicating aroma enveloped him, filling the entire space around him, as if absorbing and conquering everything in its path. Love […]