We Count Calories And Lose Weight: the Income And Expenditure of Energy

For modern women (and for many men) there is no topic more relevant than weight loss. Actually, it is on this basis that we are divided into two unequal parts: the lucky ones who do not need to lose weight, and all the others who are concerned about this problem with varying degrees of severity.

What only magic diets are not offered today by fashionable experts and ladies ‘ magazines, what only expensive drugs and methods of treatment for those who want to become slim do not fill the market with pharmaceutical and medical firms! But nobody invented anything better than the stamped formula one ballerina that once asked about the secret to her slimness. “You have to eat less,” she said without embarrassment.

But in fact, this formula has a second half – “and more to move”, which did not come to her mind simply because she spent her life daily engaged in the ballet machine. But for most urban residents, lack of movement is the second most important reason for being overweight after an improper or excessive diet.

Twenty years ago it was believed that the diet of a modern citizen should contain 3,500 kilocalories per day for a man and 3,200 kilocalories for a woman. It was calculated based on the energy costs that a person had to bear. However, over the years in our homes there are many devices that facilitate everyday life; most of us are less and less moving on foot and more – in cars; improved service life; less problems with the purchase of the necessary goods. In short, modern scientists believe that the need for energy has decreased – up to 2500 kilocalories per day for the average man, up to 2200 – for a woman. And some experts call the numbers and even less – 2000 and 1800 kcal, respectively!

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We Count Calories And Lose Weight: the Income And Expenditure of Energy

But we eat, in spite of this, much more high-calorie and refined food with excess fat and carbohydrates than our moms and dads. Fat and deposited on the figures, leading many to true despair. But the main thing is not even that, but the fact that excess weight is a risk factor for cardiovascular, endocrine, cancer and other diseases.

If you seriously decided to do bringing your health and appearance in order, it is necessary to remember that your ideal weight you can learn from the formula, which is called “body mass index”. It is calculated as follows: weight in kilograms should be divided by the square of your height in metres. If for example, your height is 1.6 meters, and weight — 70 kg, then first multiply: 1.6 x 1.6, we get 2.56. And then divide 70 kg by 2.56. We get 27.3. This means that you have something to fight, because the norm is from 20 to 25. If it is between 26 and 30 – there is excess weight, and more than 31 – already just obesity.

And then everything is clear. If you consume less energy than you spend, the weight will start to decrease. It’s a slow way, rather boring, but effective without any DNA codes and other fashionable things that give the effect, perhaps faster, but it passes just as quickly. Besides, fashion is expensive.

We Count Calories And Lose Weight: the Income And Expenditure of Energy

Well, now it is enough to calculate approximately the caloric content of your diet and compare it with energy costs. You spend about 1000 kcal per day to maintain the basic life processes (breathing, blood pressure, digestion, body temperature, etc.). So, everything else should be spent at the expense of movement – work, sports, just walking, etc. Work in the garden is a great way to part with excess calories, and even with pleasure.

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Most of the energy is spent on such types of work as digging the earth and planting trees – 7-8 kcal per minute. Planting seedlings, hoeing, weeding, cleaning the lawn etc. burns 5-6 calories per minute. Thus, after digging the beds for an hour, you will spend 420-480 kcal, and, doing the same time planting flowers, burn 300-360 kcal. About the same way you can calculate everything else, figuring out how much energy you spend per day.

We Count Calories And Lose Weight: the Income And Expenditure of Energy

Now it remains only to compare “expenses” with “income” – eaten for the same day. Calculate kilocalories is now quite simple, because on the packaging of many products they are listed. General recommendations of nutritionists are reduced to the fact that less high-calorie products include vegetables, herbs, all fat-free and all unsweetened. It is very high in calories – fat, sweet and refined.

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