Garden Fountains

If you have a garden pond, be sure to equip a fountain there. Believe me – you will get a lot of positive emotions! The fountain calms, inspires, encourages meditation. The monotonous noise of the water makes you think only about the good, and all the problems miraculously recede into the background. In addition, it is so nice to cool off near the fountain on a hot summer day, admiring the iridescent diamond splashes.

However, the fountain not only gives us positive emotions, but also requires some care and attention. You need to take care of it, clean it and repair it as needed.

Try to build a fountain away from the trees. After all, falling leaves and branches, falling into the pond, quickly begin to rot with all the troubles: the water begins to acquire a very unpleasant smell. So, before installing the fountain, take care of its system and the quality of filtration. And be sure to plant decorative algae! They not only purify the water, but also give the fountain a natural beauty.

It is very important to choose the right fountain pump. The more powerful the pump, the higher the water jet will be, but the pump itself will cost more. Although some savvy gardeners have adapted to create a small fountain without a pump, well, you can too. But in this case, the fountain will beat a rather shallow sluggish jet, so it is better to buy a ready-made kit, which includes several nozzles with different jets, a water spray device, a flow regulator and a pump. If you do not want to bother with the construction of the fountain with your own hands, buy a ready-made kit with a pump. Just ask the seller, the model and type of jets depends on the direction and shape of the fountain jets.

Make the celebration of water an impressive play of light! Decorate your garden fountain with colorful lights. You can install underwater LED lights, ground lights using halogen lamps, equip special boxes with color filters, deliver luminous fiber, etc.The underwater illumination of the fountain is extremely beautiful, it creates the illusion of curvature for those objects that are located in the depth of the reservoir. Illuminated seaweed and underwater figures give the impression of a magical underwater world living its own life.

And now I present to you some of the most common types of garden fountains.

Static jet fountain

Garden Fountains

The most common is a jet, static fountain, where a powerful jet of water tends to get an effusive dome of shining spray, and thin trickles flow down. To achieve this effect, a funnel-shaped nozzle with a spray gun is screwed into the fountain pipe, which forms the direction of the water jet. There are fountains (and therefore pipes) of small size, then the nozzles are not required, and the water flows through the hole in the pipe, without the use of nozzles. The higher the water pressure, the higher the fountain jet.

Fountain “The Bell”

Garden Fountains

For the construction of the Kolokol fountain, a fountain structure with a powerful pump and a nozzle pipe with a height of 1.5 to 2 m (1.6-2.2 inch) is installed in the center of the pond. In the upper part of the nozzle, one above the other, two spherical disks with an adjustable gap size are fixed. The larger the gap and the stronger the water flow, the larger the spray radius.

Fountain “Hemisphere”

Garden Fountains

As can be clearly seen in the photo, several long pipes of the fountain “Hemisphere”, arranged in a strict order, form a regular hemisphere. The pipe is equipped with many small nozzles. The layout structure of the nozzles is the same as that of the fountain-bell, but the spray occurs at an angle of 45 to 65 degrees, so the water jets form a monolithic film without any gaps. It is almost impossible to equip such a fountain with handicrafts, so if you want to have such beauty on a dacha plot, you will have to seriously invest.

Fountain “Fishtail”

Garden Fountains

The design of the Fishtail fountain is similar to the design of the fountain: “Hemisphere”. But, thanks to some nozzles, the water is sprayed by a hemisphere, and comes out in thin powerful jets at an angle of 35-50°. And in this photo, the fountain is equipped with excellent lighting for the mood. The water reflected all the colors of the rainbow and gave the whole landscape a breathtaking sense of surrealism.

Fountain “Tiffany”

Garden Fountains

The Tiffany Fountain is a combination of the Bell fountain (where there is one powerful outlet for water located in the center of the reservoir) and the Fishtail fountain (which has several pipes in the structure). Usually, such structures are inlaid with colored stained glass windows and appropriate lighting and illumination.

Fountain “Tulip”

Garden Fountains

The “Tulip” fountain is similar in structure to the “Bell” nozzles, the nozzles are also made of two disks located one above the other. The difference is that the water jet is not fed vertically, as in the “Bells”, but at an angle of 30-50 degrees, forming a flower at the top, very similar to a tulip (hence the name). This design option is quite suitable for creative people who are not devoid of imagination and a sense of beauty.

Fountain “Ring”

Garden Fountains

The fountain “Ring” is a rather complex structure: a solid pipe, a curved ring. Round holes (water outlet) are drilled in the pipe at equal distances from each other. Both ends of the incised pipe are output to a normal pressure pipe, through which a jet of water is supplied. Moreover, special guide nozzles are inserted into each of the pipe holes so that the water jet beats evenly. In the opening, you can install single sprayer nozzles or multi-tier sprayers of turntables. “Turntables” are the most interesting option, because in this case, the side part of the jet during rotation will be sucked into the original spiral. And with the appropriate lighting, the Ring fountain sparkled with life force in the same way.

Garden Fountains

If you want, you can buy any decorative fountain for the garden. It can be faced with bronze, stained glass mosaic, artificial or natural stone, fiberglass, ceramics – you are given a wide choice. Some fountains are designed to be installed at the bottom of a pond, while others will require additional construction. Be sure to explain to the seller how you want to install the garden fountain, and, of course, carefully read the instructions before making a purchase.

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