Spring Inspiration

We have rained because the garden work had to be postponed, although by evening, the wind dispersed the clouds and the weather improved. And so we went for a walk around the neighborhood in search of inspiration.

The first thing came to consider mosses. The theme is not accidental: in the garden, which we decided to arrange for our fairies, covered with a dense green “Mat”. It is a sign not only wet, but also acidic soils, suitable only for a very small number of garden plants. Of course, you can remove the moss and do liming — and you can try to use what is already created by nature. Moreover, we are talking about a distant shady corner of the garden where the spirit of the forest already seems to be in the air.

And since we’re clearing for the forest fairies created from mosses and stones we went to look at the nature of the appropriate materials, ideas and tips.

Spring Inspiration

Who would have thought that this beauty, like moss-covered stone ledges in the first picture is just a shapeless lump of concrete interspersed with old bricks: probably a chip of some buildings…

I danced around the with the camera, making probably more than a dozen pictures — so impressive colors, combination of textures and wonderful harmony that nature created literally from nothing, from an abandoned human trash. Still wet and fresh after rain yellow lichens and mosses of various shades of green and we’re almost to the mountains.
And there, at the foot of an old birch tree — at least beautiful picture:

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Spring Inspiration

Tell me, what prevents us to repeat the ideas of nature in your garden, improving and enriching what is already created it?! Moreover, the mosses, quite unpretentious, well living in favorable conditions and does not require special care.

Don’t know about you, but I look at such sketches can endlessly. In my opinion, this wild beauty is not inferior to a well-tended garden beds.

And then on our way passing by the old pond on the outskirts of…

Spring Inspiration

Many of the recommendations on arrangement of garden ponds says that they should be placed away from trees, especially deciduous. The explanation given is: the leaves, getting into the water pollutes it, begins to decompose at the bottom, and the pond will require time-consuming cleaning.

Probably, for small ponds this is true (although I was a tiny pond, located under the canopy of deciduous shrubs) — but look, as trees, even very old (some even dried) to decorate the landscape!

Spring Inspiration

Perhaps the creation of a natural pond process more time-consuming than construction of ordinary garden pond on the basis of film or ready-made forms. But looking at this old pond, I again dream to someday do in my garden it is — albeit small — body of water. So in the calm and clear water mirrored the trees and clouds, and the shores were overgrown with grass, in which lurk frogs… In the height of summer over the water will hang dragonflies, and somewhere, deep, wiggle fins carp…
Here is a spring inspiration, dreams, inspired by nature.

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