Profiled: Scope, Pros and Cons of the Material. Part 2

In the modern construction industry using a variety of materials, profiled — one of the most popular. It is used in new construction, and the reconstruction of old buildings; popular with private developers in the construction of a small country house and specialized companies in the construction of large industrial and commercial facilities. Most likely, this name is known even to those who have never encountered any construction or repair.

In this part, I will consider in more detail what is a profiled sheet, what is used and what are its varieties exist. Let me remind you, this is a continuation of the article called Profiled: Scope, Pros and Cons of the Material. Part 1.

The decorative possibilities of the corrugated sheet

As mentioned above, the front side of the profiled steel sheets can have a decorative coating.


The easiest way to decorate is painting. The colors are colored according to RAL system. The most common, as for metal, it is brown, green, blue, red and Burgundy: you can always choose a corrugated Board for fencing to the color of the roof. RAL color standard contains more than a thousand colors, so there is no need to be limited only to brown-green scale.

Profiled: Scope, Pros and Cons of the Material. Part 2

Today, consumers are demonstrating the demand for a more diverse color palette, and manufacturers are ready to meet them, starting to replenish their collections of metal and profiled the most unexpected colors.

Polymer coating

The main purpose of polymer coatings is decorative, but the polymer layer creates an additional barrier to corrosion.

  • Polyester

The most common polymer coating is polyester. It is quite durable, can withstand temperature fluctuations in the range from -60 to + 90°C and ultraviolet radiation. But slightly resists mechanical damage. Products with glossy and matte surface are produced. The only “but”: the durability of the operation is guaranteed in conditions of mild pollution.

  • Polyurethane

The most common polyurethane coating for profiled flooring is registered under the brand name “rural”. The coating is resistant to external influences in the temperature range from -60 to +100°C, resistant to acids, so it is suitable for use on the sea coast and in the sea, as well as in industrial areas with contaminated environment. The polymer-coated surface is resistant to mechanical damage.

  • PVC
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To cover the profiled sheets, polymer dispersions based on polyvinyl chloride — plastisol are used. In trade coverage known as Plastisol. The strength of such a coating is due to the properties of plastisols: liquid polymer dispersed mixture is applied to the heated surface of the product, it is subjected to additional heating and plastisol is converted into a plastic compound — resistant to chemical influences, which has high physical and mechanical properties and electrical resistance.

Profiled: Scope, Pros and Cons of the Material. Part 2

Plastisol has the largest thickness, so profiled with such a coating is most resistant to mechanical damage, and in addition you can get a textured surface — with the texture of “wood”, “stone”, “brick”, “snow”, “skin”.

  • Printech

Plastisol coating has a texture that can mimic the texture of wood or stone, but there is a profiled, the surface of which not only repeats the texture, but also has a pattern. On the base layer of galvanizing is applied to the base of the picture, then the film, which is applied by offset printing pattern.

Profiled: Scope, Pros and Cons of the Material. Part 2

The surface is covered with an additional layer of polyvinyl fluoride image protection. Polyvinyl fluoride coating has very good mechanical strength. Unlike others, this polymer does not contain plasticizers, UV and thermal stabilizers. At the same time, it is very resistant to the sun and chemically aggressive substances, including sea salt.

Now for those who dreamed of a stone fence, but could not afford it, or for those who want to have a wooden fence, but do not want to contact the need to update it regularly, there is a way out: a fence made of corrugated Board with a pattern of stone, wood or brick.

  • Photo printing

Modern technology has gone far: today the pattern of a brick wall or boards on the surface of the profiled sheeting is no surprise.

Profiled: Scope, Pros and Cons of the Material. Part 2

Connoisseurs of this material have the opportunity to get a full-color photo image on the facade of your building or fence.

Stylish corrugated Board

Despite the popularity of corrugated Board as a building material, most of it is associated with industrial facilities. At the worst – with fences, even despite the tricks of manufacturers in an attempt to give the metal panels more decorative painting in all shades of the rainbow, embossed on the surface of the crocodile skin pattern or printing panorama Niagara falls.

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Meanwhile, the profiled flooring, even in its most simple interpretation (in gray galvanized form) can be the basis of stylish modern architectural and design solutions. Look at a small selection of really interesting options for using profiled steel sheet.

Profiled: Scope, Pros and Cons of the Material. Part 2

Profiled: Scope, Pros and Cons of the Material. Part 2

Profiled is a material not only for external finishing. For those who can appreciate the strict discreet beauty and graphics of this material, corrugated metal sheets will be useful for interior decoration.

Profiled: Scope, Pros and Cons of the Material. Part 2

Profiled: Scope, Pros and Cons of the Material. Part 2

About pros and cons

Today in the discussion of the qualities of a wide variety of products, materials or products it is customary to talk about their pros and cons. In my opinion, this is a rather meaningless activity: any material can have negative qualities. And you just need to apply it, given the features.

Profiled: Scope, Pros and Cons of the Material. Part 2

So, for example, if you made the facade cladding of the barn of corrugated, painted or covered with polyester, and all the time scratching the corner of the wall with a wheelbarrow, what is surprising that the decorative coating will be broken after a short time, and then start and corrosion of the metal? However, I will consider some features of this material.

Coating instability

As already mentioned, the color or coating of polyester do not have sufficient resistance to scratches. Trapezoidal sheet with coating of polyurethane, plastisol or polyvinylfluoride have greater resistance to abrasion. However, they will not stand too active mechanical impact.

Temperature effect

This disadvantage applies mainly to the fences, as near the metal high and blind fence can feel bad plants: in the summer they overheat, and in winter, on the contrary, can freeze long-term planting. Any metal has a very good thermal conductivity, so it is very hot in the heat and also strongly cooled in the cold. Take this feature into account when planning landings.

Profiled: Scope, Pros and Cons of the Material. Part 2

Although this has advantages: along the metal fence feel good heat-resistant and heat-loving plants. It is said that melons and watermelons in the middle zone grow well and give sweet fruits along the fences of profiled flooring. For example, the woman very grateful to my neighbor for the established fence made of galvanized corrugated sheet: these watermelons she used on their territory not seen.

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The noise from the roof, covered with sheets of roofing profiled, complain those who, arranging the coating, did not care enough noise insulation in the roof pie. Or he didn’t do it at all. And no wonder: still heard the sound of heavy rain in an inverted bucket. Metal roofing behaves exactly the same.

Profiled: Scope, Pros and Cons of the Material. Part 2

This also applies to the roof of metal or rebate. Make good insulation with mineral wool or other materials of the roof or attic floor, if the attic you do not operate. This, incidentally, will solve the above problem with overheating in the summer and large heat losses in the winter house.

Solid pluses

If you choose the right material, taking into account its technical characteristics and purpose, to develop a good design, properly mount and properly operate, you will get a solid pros. Profiled durable: products with different protective coating manufacturers provide a guarantee of up to 70 years. It is easy to install: individual panels are lightweight, and the ability to order the length of its size allows you to get coverage without unnecessary seams.

In the photo below you can see another plus: the device of light openings made of profiled polycarbonate. Now produce transparent sheets of this material, having the same profile as the most common variants of roofing metal sheets. They are also called transparent profiled.

Profiled: Scope, Pros and Cons of the Material. Part 2

Such sheets are ideally combined with standard metal, having the same height of the wave profile, and can be used as light transmitting inserts on the roof or walls of metal sheets without additional device frames.

They can also be used as an independent roofing for the device of canopies and greenhouses. Fin profile made of profiled polycarbonate is more durable. Such greenhouses do not break from the snow load, unlike those made of smooth polycarbonate.

If you have started construction or repair in your country possessions, pay attention to the profiled flooring — a reliable and beautiful material, which, if done correctly, will long serve anywhere in your home — from the roof to the interior.

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