Reconstruction of the Iron Pool

Hello, dear friends. Summer time is in full swing, and you need to rest, gaining strength for the next year. While the new pool is under construction, we decided to restore our old one so that the summer will not pass us by.

Pool condition before renovation:

Reconstruction of the Iron Pool

Before painting, it is necessary to clean the pool from the old paint. For 20 years of operation, 3 layers of paint were applied to it and the previous layers were never removed. We decided to take the work seriously and remove all the old paint. Thanks to this approach, a new layer of paint will last much longer.

To clean the iron coating, a grinding machine with special petal discs was used:

Reconstruction of the Iron Pool

Many options for cleaning the iron coating have been tested. We settled on petal discs because of the rapid removal of the colored layer. Cleaning metal surfaces is a very harmful job, so you need to use a mask and glasses.

Such work is harmful to your health. Be sure to prepare a good mask and goggles before cleaning the metal surface. Without these tools, we do not recommend getting started.

It took more than a day to clean the metal surface. In the evening, my hands felt a little queasy and trembled from the vibrations of the grinder.

Pool cleaning result:

Reconstruction of the Iron Pool

The next day we started painting the pool. We bought 2 cans of paint. When buying, pay attention to the type of paint. We need waterproofness, and we took atmospheric. And this type of paint will last a long time.

The painting of the pool began with hard-to-reach places. The corners of the pool were painted with small brushes:

Reconstruction of the Iron Pool

Large surfaces were painted with a roller. Painting took no more than 2 hours. It was much easier than cleaning a metal surface. I left the paint to dry overnight, covering it with a cellophane coating to prevent dust and leaves from falling from the trees.

Over the weekend, family friends arrived and were surprised that the pool was ready for use. They couldn’t believe it was possible to finish the job in such a short time. The job wasn’t done perfectly. We tried to be in time for the arrival of the guests and turned a blind eye to minor shortcomings. The applied layer of paint well hides our shortcomings and creates the impression of professional work. We hope that this pool will honestly last until the end of the summer season.

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