Window Washing Devices

Dirty Windows look depressing from rain or dust. The room immediately seems gloomy and uncomfortable. That is why in the spring the hostess actively put the Windows in order not only in the apartments, but also in the cottages.

In addition to the desire to look at the world through the sparkling purity of the glass, there is one more thing — to carry out this procedure with the maximum saving of time and effort. Let’s see what are the devices for washing Windows (from familiar to innovative options) and how each of them can help us!

Window Washing Devices


The simplest and at the same time widely known “device” for washing Windows. Even now, when on the shelves of so many different chemicals, which, as stated by the manufacturers, and will save from stains, and protect from dust, and add flavor.

Window Washing Devices

The use of good old Newspapers and water has its undeniable advantages:

  • Cleaning will not hit the family budget (buy anything and do not need Newspapers can be used already read);
  • With a certain skill of divorce is really a minimum;
  • There is no need to look for a place to store equipment (for example, a steam wiper or a vacuum cleaner, which will be discussed below, you need to store somewhere in between applications, and with the Newspapers everything is simple-washed and thrown out).

The disadvantages of “newspaper” washing can be attributed to the fact that the time and effort at the same time spent decently. “Hearty” and efficiently wash 1-2 Windows. Many still talk about the antiquity of the method (but this is a controversial issue) and its insecurity (to wipe the window from the outside, you have to either lean out or open the window wide open, stand on a ladder and reach out to each hard-to-reach corner). Anyway, Newspapers are in the business of washing Windows has firmly taken its niche.

Important: if you decide to wash the Windows with Newspapers, prepare 2 buckets or basin. One container — with diluted detergent, and the other-with clean water for rinsing.

Microfiber cloth

This is following the Newspapers “generation” of devices. Wipes are more effective if the Windows are not too dirty. Alas, when near the house is the roadway, napkins will not save. But for Windows facing the yard, or for country — is what you need.

Window Washing Devices

Cleaning wipes are of two types:

  1. Impregnated with a special agent;
  2. No detergent.

This is a set of two microfiber wipes. They’re not soaked in anything. Use them is quite simple. Again, while not serious pollution. The first napkin has a knitted weave “braid”, it is washed by glass and frames. This is done only with the help of water, no chemistry. By the way, manufacturers position such wipes as a means for eco-cleaning. The second napkin — Terry. It brings the final touch: absorbs moisture, Windows begin to Shine, no streaks, and no thorough polishing.

Window Washing Devices

Important: whatever wipes you choose, they should not contain abrasive particles. Otherwise the glass will remain the scratches that much worse than divorce.

MOP with telescopic handle

It is also called a sliding wiper-due to the fact that the length of the handle can be adjusted if necessary.

Window Washing Devices

Is this MOP of nozzles and handles. In the classic version of two nozzles: one sponge — for washing, and the second — rubber, to remove water. For greater efficiency to work with a MOP should take the time, making smooth movements from top to bottom.

Among the advantages of this device:

  • low weight;
  • comfortable sliding handle;
  • several attachments included.

And the disadvantages include:

  • price;
  • can remain stains and grease stains;
  • it requires a certain skill, which is developed over time.

Important: when choosing a telescopic brush, pay attention primarily to the length of the handle. For standard Windows need a handle length of 2 meters. And for panoramic-and even more.

Window Washing Devices

Calculate the length of the handle for these Windows can be added to the height of the glass minimum half a meter.

Magnetic brushes

This device consists of two brushes and a magnet.

Window Washing Devices

The work begins with the preparation of a solution for washing. Then sponges dip into it. As you can already guess, one will wash the inside of the window, and the other — the outside. Thanks to the magnet, the brushes will “walk” simultaneously in the direction set by your hand. After both parts are covered with a solution, you need to put on a hand cord, put the outer brush outside the window and start work.

Window Washing Devices

Moving the inner sponge from the edge of the glass to the middle, you will move the outer brush, so that the operating time is halved.

Advantages of magnetic brushes:

  • security;
  • reduced washing time;
  • large selection of models for different glasses;
  • you can wash the Windows at any time of the year.


  • price;
  • not all parts of the glass can be thoroughly washed.

Important: when choosing a magnetic brush, pay attention to the power of the device, and when working with it, make sure that the safety cord does not interfere with the movement, both parts are strictly parallel to each other, and the cleaning cloth on each of them is located in front of the scraper.

Steam cleaner

In General, steam cleaner is a universal device. It can be used to clean tiles, plumbing, furniture, clothing, and, of course, the Windows of interest to us.

Window Washing Devices

Important: before buying, make sure that the device includes a nozzle for Windows.

The principle of operation is as follows: water is poured into the tank, the desired nozzle is put on, the device is turned on, and steam begins to be produced. After steam treatment, moisture residues can be removed with a rubber scraper.

Advantages of steam cleaners:

  • Hot steam not only cleans but also disinfects the surface;
  • The device does not require the use of detergents;
  • Work independently;
  • It can be used at any time of the year.

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • Some models have pretty decent weight;
  • Steam control may not be available;
  • You can burn yourself with hot steam;
  • Some models have a short battery life.

Window vacuum cleaners

Very often vacuum cleaner for cleaning Windows is called the wiper. Works window vacuum cleaner from the battery. Acts in the same way as a regular vacuum cleaner. Only, unlike him, does not collect dust and dirt, and waste liquid.

Window Washing Devices

First, you spray the detergent on the window, then you can RUB it with a napkin nozzle (it is included) and hold the device on the surface. Rubber nozzle-scraper will effectively collect moisture residues and will not leave stains. The dirty liquid is sucked into a special container by means of an electric pump.


  • It is best to move the vacuum cleaner from top to bottom, but if you can not climb up and collect dirt in this way, the device can be deployed and held in a horizontal direction or from the bottom up.
  • You do not need to strain your hands and try to press strongly on the vacuum cleaner in anticipation of a better result. Hands will get tired, and the result will not change.
  • Choosing a vacuum cleaner, be sure to pay attention to its weight. After all, they will have to work long.

Users cleaner for Windows is isolated, they have such dignity:

  • ecological compatibility;
  • fast pace of work compared to traditional washing;
  • large selection of models and their availability.

Pay attention to the shortcomings:

  • price;
  • to wash technique should be used;
  • water quickly flows down, it is not always possible to quickly move the vacuum cleaner and collect it, as a result, the window sill gets dirty, and sometimes Wallpaper, and floor.

Window Washing Devices

If we talk about the models that are optimal in terms of “price-quality”, it is worth mentioning Karcher WV-50, Thomas Twin t2, Hoover JWC60 B6 011, Endever Q-441, Polti Forzaspira AG130, BSS 36 Li.

Of course, there are other models. It is worth choosing, paying attention to the power, operating time without recharging, weight and number of nozzles.

Window washing robots

Automation got here. With robots for giving we are already familiar, and there are still robots that are designed to take on the responsibility of washing Windows.

Window Washing Devices

However, at the moment the choice is rather poor. The design is similar to the magnetic brushes described above and consists of 2 units with cleaning elements, replaceable nozzles, remote and power supply. It moves thanks to the electric drive and wheels. In the” brains ” of each robot laid a certain trajectory: first he will pass vertically, then horizontally, define the boundaries in which he will have to work (contour outlines frame, when you hit it triggered sensors, and the device remembers the route), and then zigzag will clear the selected surface and return to the point of departure.

Modifications, as I said, a little, but each has its own ” highlights: for example, Winbot W and Winbot 730 are mounted on the glass using a vacuum sensor, Windoro-using magnets, and the most popular model Hobot -168 is equipped with two cleaning wipes, but the body she has one.

Important: before buying a robot, check the thickness of the glass and compare with the parameters indicated in the instructions to the device. In some there will be a limit of thickness from 5 to 15 mm, in others-from 15 to 30 mm, in the third-from 16 to 28 mm, etc.

It is possible to note high technological efficiency and speed of process, but at all this glass should be processed by the washing liquid manually from the spray gun (if the robot has no compartment for liquid), and some models can work only from a network.

These are simple and clever devices help us cope with washing Windows. And you have already given the “eyes” of your home purity and Shine? Share your experience with readers!

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