Gates And Wickets: Elegant Design Options For The Entrance To The Site

Whether it is an exquisite wrought-iron model, simple metal gates or rustic wooden gates-the doors to the garden not only block the path of unwanted guests, but also serve as a spectacular decoration. After all, it is with them that the dacha Kingdom begins.

The first thing that meets a guest on the threshold of the garden is a gate or gate. This design element is the hallmark of private properties. Accordingly, the door that opens access to the Holy of holies of any “landowner”, when arranging the site should be given increased attention.

Gates And Wickets: Elegant Design Options For The Entrance To The Site

Today, the choice of possible options is unlimited. After all, even if there is no dream gate in stores, you can always make it to order. At the same time, the material can be any — wood, metal, and profiled flooring. The main thing is that the style of the gate echoes the architecture of the house, fits into the fence and organically intertwined with the appearance of the garden.

  • So, a wooden gate looks perfect on a rustic site, and a wrought-iron gate is closer to the classics.
  • Models made of aluminum and galvanized stainless steel look more modern. Thanks to the protective coating, they do not lose color and can withstand all the vagaries of the weather.
  • Profiled flooring is faceless, that is, it does not have a clearly defined charm of personality. But this is rather a plus — this door fits perfectly into any style. However, it is suitable for the role of a decorative element with a big stretch.

The gate can be blind, through, or mixed.

1. The First option is suitable for those who do not want to expose their private life to the public, for example, owners of a land plot in a megalopolis.

2. An end-to-End model (for example, forged) is good because the design of its design can be as intricate and interesting as possible. However, hiding behind such a gate is unlikely to work, it is more beautiful than functional.

In the photo: the gate plays a rather decorative role, because it can only be used for passage by children or Pets: Parthenocissus freely covers the top of the structure. The red leaves of the plant are wonderfully combined with the dark green color of the door.

Gates And Wickets: Elegant Design Options For The Entrance To The Site

3. Mixed option — a cross between the two types of wickets mentioned above. One part of the door (usually the lower part) is blind, the second part is openwork.

The gate can be located not only on the border of the site, but also in the middle of it, thereby zoning the territory. As a rule, such gates are made low and as decorative as possible.

In the photo on the left: a gate of the same height looks best in a hedge. For contrast, the dense leafy green wall is interrupted by an openwork door. Right: a bell near the gate gives a zest to the entrance area. This accessory will look perfect at the door, decorated in antique style.

Gates And Wickets: Elegant Design Options For The Entrance To The Site

And, for a snack, interesting information about color preferences:

  • The brown color of the gate is chosen by people who are secretive and honor family values.
  • Pink gives out a nature that is soaring in the clouds, impractical and vulnerable.
  • Blue color is preferred by people who are not inclined to show emotions and avoid conflicts.
  • Black is the choice of reserved conservatives.
  • Purple indicates a strong personality, prone to constancy.
  • The owner of the red gate is a life-loving, active person who loves attention.
  • Yellow characterizes a person as a positivist, not prone to aggression.
  • White color is chosen by pedants, neat and organized.
  • The “horse” of the owner of the green door is openness and an active life position.

In the photo: the snow-white gate performs a decorative function, since due to its low height it can not be called a full-fledged barrier. It looks very elegant, but keep in mind that the paint layer will have to be updated frequently, because light details quickly get dirty.

Gates And Wickets: Elegant Design Options For The Entrance To The Site

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