Recipes of Healthy Dishes: the Benefits of Color, Flavors and Taste

The search for the utility of a product has become an indispensable condition of existence. Men tend to neglect the benefits for the taste of food. Women reject this retrograde approach and look for meaning in food. And the meaning lies in the benefits.

About the use of color

Choose meticulously. Above all — eyes. That’s right! Color, according to scientists, affects the useful quality of products.

  • All white (dairy, cottage cheese, rice, cauliflower) will calm and relieve irritability.
  • Blue (dark grapes, blueberries, plums and potatoes with purple peel) protect blood vessels and vision.
  • Green fruits and vegetables, increase activity, stimulate the immune system.
  • Red products (beets, bell peppers, strawberries, tomatoes) will increase your performance to such an extent that when they are overabundance can be difficult to fall asleep.
  • Nerve cells are restored in those who prefer orange products in their diet: persimmons, apricots, pumpkin, carrots. They also improve mood and soothe headaches.
  • Yellow fruits and vegetables, and with them cheeses, egg yolks provide energy and help cleanse the blood.

Recipes of Healthy Dishes: the Benefits of Color, Flavors and Taste

About flavors and taste: celery and garlic

There are among the products Champions in utility, of which — not the most popular in our traditional cuisine celery. Sharp, characteristic smell of the root and stems of the cause. And in vain!

The legendary Marquise Pompadour, a favorite of Louis XV, not only drank black coffee with celery — she made her chef abundantly season all dishes with walnuts and, again, celery. These products are aphrodisiacs, i.e. funds that beneficially affects the potency, and the Marquis, but with a hot temper, used such cunning means, all the forces trying to retain the loving crowned fan. That it with success and has ever managed in for 20 (!) years. However, the true aphrodisiac bow, the breeding of which king-a lover devoted a lot of time and effort.

Recipes of Healthy Dishes: the Benefits of Color, Flavors and Taste

Salad with celery

I suggest you adopt a salad with unpresentable, but useful vegetable. Large celery root is boiled in salted water with the addition of 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, then RUB it on a large shredder. 150 g ham cut into cubes. For the sauce, mix 1 Cup sour cream, 1 pack of natural yogurt, 1 clove of crushed garlic, ground black pepper and salt to taste. Mix all the ingredients with the sauce, spread in a salad bowl, sprinkle with ground walnuts and chopped parsley. Very useful!

Among the products that will help prolong life, the scientific and medical world includes garlic. It lowers high blood pressure and protects the heart and blood vessels.

Recipes of Healthy Dishes: the Benefits of Color, Flavors and Taste

Two slices daily — that’s a saving dose of natural medicine. Try to swallow the whole tooth without chewing. And for the final removal of the specific garlic spirit, remove the middle from the clove.

Garlic perfectly sets off the taste of mushroom dishes, enhancing the aroma of mushrooms with its presence. Pickles without him are like a bride without a dowry. What about meat! Lamb and pork just require his presence. Taste of vegetables in Alliance with garlic become richer (remember Georgian, French, Chinese cuisine). Try, for example, such recipes:

Broccoli with garlic

Broccoli (also from the category of super-useful vegetables!) disassemble the inflorescences and boil until half-cooked in boiling salted water with the lid open. In the heated vegetable oil, first fry the thin plates of garlic, and then add the cabbage to it. Carefully turning the broccoli so that it is soaked with garlic oil, bring the dish to full readiness. If you sprinkle all the sesame seeds on top, it will not only be delicious, but also beautiful. This garnish is perfect for fish or chicken.

Recipes of Healthy Dishes: the Benefits of Color, Flavors and Taste

Chicken salad with garlic sauce

Boiled chicken meat finely chop. Cook hard-boiled eggs, separate the yolks from the whites. Make sauce: crushed garlic clove to connect with ground walnuts and mayonnaise to the consistency of sour cream. On the dish lay layers of chopped proteins and chicken, pour the sauce and sprinkle with grated yolks. In the sauce, you can add a couple of soaked and chopped prunes. Let the salad stand for a few hours in the refrigerator to soak. It can become an indispensable dish in your menu.

Curd snack with fresh vegetables

And to complete the picture is an appetizer. Grate the daikon root on a coarse grater, add finely chopped cilantro and crushed garlic. Just should be almost in equal shares. Salt to taste and add vegetable oil. On a leaf of green salad spread fresh cottage cheese, put it on a vegetable mixture, roll the tube and spread on a platter.

I would to this is added roasted in any oil, sliced black bread. However, these toast — it is a separate dish. If they are hot sprinkle with salt and RUB with garlic (again, garlic!), then the smell will bring together the neighbors of the nearest dacha.

Aromas in our life

The role of smells in our lives can not be overestimated. Associations and memories, happy and sad… That is just the smell of freshly baked bread, grandma’s pies, may Lily of the valley and lilac in the day of the last school bell…

Recipes of Healthy Dishes: the Benefits of Color, Flavors and Taste

By the way, smells strongly affect even the manner of driving. The aroma of freshly cut grass provokes the driver to high-speed driving. And the smells of chamomile, Jasmine and lavender are too relaxing. The ideal and most useful for the driver will be the smell coming from a Cup of coffee with cinnamon and a slice of lemon.

And yet, in the end, everything that is tasty cooked is useful. Cook with the soul and eat to your health!

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