Pink Roses in a Romantic Garden Design

Trying to simply list pink roses, I would consider it crazy – first, there are too many of them, and secondly, the rose is pink by nature. This palette is generously represented by all shades, from warm coral to cold lavender shades.

It is no accident that rose enjoys a special love of landscape designers – it is really almost the most versatile garden plant. I will name only those roses from this color group, with which you can solve almost any garden tasks. Especially if you create a garden with a romantic mood.


High hedges of roses around the perimeter of the site will protect the romantic garden from prying eyes and intruders. Traditionally, to create a blooming and fragrant hedge choose wrinkled rose and its varieties. For the rose garden is suitable ‘Pink Grootensdorst’ – a charming plant with a myriad of small pink semi-double flowers in large brushes on long peduncles, with a corrugated finely toothed edge of petals resembling cloves.

Pink Roses in a Romantic Garden Design

A hedge of roses of medium height can divide the garden plot into functional areas or separate a romantic corner and a recreation area. For these purposes, I recommend using scars, landscape and landscape roses:

  • ‘Bonica 82’ – sprawling Bush, blooming until late autumn pale pink semi-double flowers;
  • ‘Royal Bonica’ – a strong plant with large inflorescences Terry flowers of deep pink color, not afraid of rain;
  • ‘Lovely Meilland’ is a hardy rose studded with a multitude of soft pink plush flowers.

Arches and pergolas

Many gardeners like romantic arches entwined with blooming roses, sometimes in combination with elegant clematis. An archway can be made into a hedge or an entrance to the garden; it can separate one part of the garden from the other. Several arches one after another form a gallery, a real flower passage leading to a bench or gazebo. Arbour, entwined with climbing roses, has to rest, reflection and pleasant conversation.

Pink Roses in a Romantic Garden Design

Arches, pergolas, gazebos are covered with Ramblers and large-flowered climbing roses. High (3-6 m), strong, once, but abundantly and long-flowering Ramblers in pink: ‘Dorothy Perkins’ and ‘Super Dorothy’ with double pink flowers in lush drooping brushes. Just as beautiful variety ‘Kew Rambler’ – with small simple pink with white center and yellow stamens flowers in numerous brushes.

From re-flowering large-flowered climbing roses recommend ‘Rosarium Uetersen’ – a strong, densely leafed rose with lush inflorescences of coral pink Terry flowers, fading to silvery pink. It blooms profusely until late autumn.

Pink Roses in a Romantic Garden Design

The variety ‘Manita’ powerful stems with shiny green leaves and inflorescences of pink semi-double flowers with a light center, it quickly completely closes the fence or wall solid curtain. ‘Domaine de Courson’ – light pink with Carmine strokes and craps.

By the house wall

A climbing rose, grown against the wall of the house, creates a fascinating color curtain. By shade-tolerant climbing varieties include incomparable fragrant pale pearl pink, blooming all summer ‘New Dawn’. They can decorate blind fences and walls of the house (East and West).

Pink Roses in a Romantic Garden Design

Imagine how nice it is to Wake up in the morning from the delicate aroma of roses! Near the front door, window or terrace, you can plant a fragrant, re-flowering variety. Here are just two varieties of fragrant climbing roses: peach-pink ‘Compassion’ and pale pink, the most fragrant ‘Nahema’.


In my garden, I made a one-sided wide border of roses pastel pink. In the background planted large-flowered climbing roses and high scars: delicate cream-pink ‘Pierre de Ronsard’ and profusely flowering all summer Terry coral-pink flowers in the style of ancient roses ‘Colette’.

Pink Roses in a Romantic Garden Design

The middle tier is occupied by English roses: ‘A Shropshire Lad’ – high, sprawling, drooping under the weight of thick Terry flowers surprisingly beautiful shape and color (peach-pink middle and pale pink outer petals), with a delicious fruity aroma, blooms to frost…

Pink Roses in a Romantic Garden Design

… and ‘Abraham Darby’ – nearly globular cluster with a diameter of 1 m, floriferous all summer thick Terry fragrant apricot-pink flowers.

Pink Roses in a Romantic Garden Design

With them next to the hybrid tea: ‘Andre Le Notre’ – with pale pink Terry fragrant flowers; ‘Marchenkonigin’ – with a surprisingly gentle, pearl-pink goblet flowers; powerful, like the one in honor of whom this variety is named, ‘Honore de Balzac’ – with huge romantic flowers cream-pink with a bright Carmine-pink edge and a light aroma of ripe peach. The most charming rose of the “Memory of love” series ‘Comtes de Segur’ blooms generously and abundantly, with thick, bright pink fragrant flowers.

Pink Roses in a Romantic Garden Design

With them coexist floribunda roses: light pink with lemon-aniseed aroma ‘Madame Figaro’ and ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, unsurpassed romantic charm which distinguishes it from the rest of the roses of this group; thick Terry buds Bengal rose fade to silvery pink.

Pink Roses in a Romantic Garden Design

Front I hit a low-growing floribunda, groundcover and miniature roses long flowering. Among them:

  • ‘Poesie’ – with amazing warm pink flowers and wavy edge of petals;
  • unpretentious ‘Les Qatre Saisons’ – profusely blooming double pink flowers;
  • polyanthus rose ‘The Fairy’ – perfectly blooming small double pale pink flowers in numerous inflorescences;
  • ‘Balerina’, a mass of tiny pale pink flowers with a white eye which is collected in similar to the inflorescence of hydrangea brush.

Pink Roses in a Romantic Garden Design

Of course, these examples do not exhaust all the possibilities of roses – they are, I repeat, unlimited. From roses you can make a solid “pink carpet”, you can create any flower bed – from the most traditional to the avant-garde, you can plant a single Bush — and it will become the main accent of the garden.

But still nothing has been said about the appearance of roses, which can only bring their appearance and color in the garden any mood. I hope we will have another opportunity to return to this fascinating topic.

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