Tested On Yourself: Five Convenient Solutions For Irrigation

The season of garden planting and sowing is in full swing. As soon as the sowing season subsides, the question of “watering”will become acute. In the meantime, watering cans are in use, because young plants need careful hydration. And the rains now perfectly help in providing the garden with moisture. Although greenhouses, ornamental gardens and lawns already need additional watering.

Before a severe heat wave strikes, it is worth reviewing your irrigation equipment and, if necessary, replacing everything that cannot be repaired, or purchasing new functional assistants.

1. Reinforced hose and adjustable irrigation nozzle

A little help from my husband was needed to connect to the pipe of the summer water supply. Additionally, a tap was installed in front of the hose. It is very easy to connect the irrigation tip and the hose. The tip for watering is inserted into the connector, on the hose-the clamping nut. Insert the hose into the connector. Tighten the clamping nut. All, the connector with the hose is firmly fixed! The hose was spread out on the grass easily, no creases and twists. We see that it is easy to start using the hose.

Tested On Yourself: Five Convenient Solutions For Irrigation

What about the connector? By rotating the middle part of the nozzle, you can smoothly adjust the force of the jet and spray, or block the flow altogether (the “hitchhiking” function). By selecting the “spray” mode, it is convenient to water tender plants, such as seedlings after planting, to refresh the flowers after a hot day. Increasing or decreasing the spray force, I arrange watering and “shower” for coniferous plants. It seems that such a station wagon will come in handy at every dacha.

2. Hose trolley

Practical and correct approach! When we first met, we were struck by the lightness of the design. I thought it weighs 3 kg, weighed it-it turned out to be a little more than 6 kg, but it does not feel at all. The drum is plastic and looks very fragile. But appearances were deceptive. At the end of April, there was a hurricane wind that tore off the doors and carried away the greenhouses. He dropped our cart. Thankfully, she didn’t even notice it — she was completely intact.

Tested On Yourself: Five Convenient Solutions For Irrigation

Despite its lightness, the cart is stable. If it stands with the correct direction, it does not fall when watering and unwinding. The kit includes a nozzle with adjustable watering modes-from spraying to jet.

3. Dual-zone sprinkler

My best helper when watering.

Tested On Yourself: Five Convenient Solutions For Irrigation

So far, I have no comments on the operation of the sprinkler. It is easy to connect it in one step. The water jet rotates 360 degrees. The jet length can be easily adjusted. There are levers that allow you to change the angle of rotation.

Sprinklers significantly simplified the process of watering plants and lawns. It is very simple and convenient to adjust watering, does not require constant presence. Watering is uniform (on a flat surface or at such a distance from the ground surface that the sprayer is at a higher level than the plants being watered). Now it is my best assistant at the dacha on hot summer days.

P.S. a Small digression. When you set the controller to the maximum position of the range of the watering jet, water drops are very similar to rain and in the heat — this is a good way to cool down not only for plants, but also children enjoyed the coolness of this rain.

Automatic watering

If you decide to minimize your participation in the process of caring for the garden and garden, then consider the option of installing an automatic watering system. Technically, this is a more complex solution, but thanks to an individually configured program, your garden will be watered on a schedule.

Tested On Yourself: Five Convenient Solutions For Irrigation

Modern computer technologies allow you to design an underground irrigation system at the simplest level independently, without the help of specialists.

4. Oscillating sprinkler

In General, working with the sprinkler left only positive impressions. When working, it does not move from the set place, the earth is spilled evenly, it is easy to install and adjust. Watering has become a simple matter that does not take much time: put, set up — and you can safely do other things. And thanks to the convenient features of the tincture, it can be used on sites with different configurations and sizes.

Tested On Yourself: Five Convenient Solutions For Irrigation

The sprinkler worked for about an hour and a half. I can’t say that the beds became very wet. I might have spilled them better with a watering can, but that’s enough to keep the plants from dying. And how much time is released!. I would add: and how much effort was not spent on dragging heavy buckets and watering cans!

Tested On Yourself: Five Convenient Solutions For Irrigation

5. micro-drip irrigation System

We haven’t had any rain, and it’s been hot for more than a month. I forgot about the plants along the fence, and they are growing cheerfully! I forgot about the honeysuckle with berries (you need daily watering to fill the berries). I am moved by looking at the greenhouses, where the first cucumbers are already hanging and huge tomatoes are blooming. I want to forget about flower pots and boxes and currants and gooseberries and raspberries. And strawberries. And the lawns. But expensive! It requires a healthy amount of imagination and perseverance. Not immediately our puzzle was assembled, we went to the store 3 times, finishing buying unexpected details. I’m not even fully prepared yet. But if the puzzle is assembled, it will become an invaluable assistant in the fight for beauty and harvest.

Tested On Yourself: Five Convenient Solutions For Irrigation

But we didn’t stop there, we bought additional elements to the standard set to provide containers with your favorite flowers with a drop of moisture. This is how the second test turned out.

Tested On Yourself: Five Convenient Solutions For Irrigation

Watering-the process is actually quite time-consuming, and such assistants make it more comfortable and allow you to save your own energy. By combining different equipment for different areas of the garden, you can spend less time on care — and spend summer evenings in your favorite corner for a quiet rest, instead of running around the site with a hose in your hands.

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