Making a New Year’s Bouquet. Very Simple And Tangerine-Flavored

The pungent smell of tangerines and intoxicating aroma of spruce branches — an integral part of the new year’s bustle and the most festive night. For some, they bring back images from a carefree and therefore happy childhood, someone is reminded of the first independent New year. I decided to pack these scents in a beautiful wrapper and give them to you.

You will need:

  • tangerines — 19 PCs.;
  • branches of spruce or fir — 2 PCs.;
  • skewers for skewers 30 cm long-in the package should be at least 30 PCs.;
  • floral tape or duct tape;
  • wrapping paper;
  • satin ribbon;
  • secateur.

Making a New Year's Bouquet. Very Simple And Tangerine-Flavored

Progress of work

A beautiful bouquet will turn out from the branches of both spruce and fir, but the latter is definitely more convenient to work with. She has soft needles that won’t prick. The only drawback of fir — it does not smell a bit. This time I decided that I didn’t need my hands pierced for the New year, so there is a fir in my bouquet, but you can use a fragrant spruce spruce branches.

Fir (as well as spruce) is sold with sweeping paws, and for a bouquet such large ones are not needed. Separate all the small branches — each should be the size of a hand.

Making a New Year's Bouquet. Very Simple And Tangerine-Flavored

The base of the twigs should be cleared of needles. Then attach each twig to the skewer. This is convenient to make a special floral tape, but it is not so easy to find in stores, so you can use construction tape. There is no difference!

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Making a New Year's Bouquet. Very Simple And Tangerine-Flavored

Prepare the tangerines: put each on a skewer, but so that the point does not pierce the fruit through. And be careful on skewers you can seriously injure yourself. We work without injuries!

Making a New Year's Bouquet. Very Simple And Tangerine-Flavored

So we have prepared the key components of our bouquet, now the magic begins. Alternate the sticks with tangerines and fir twigs, distributing them evenly. Put 3-4 sticks at a time and then rewind the base of the bouquet with a tape (duct tape) so that it does not crumble. Put the sticks in a circle, placing them at a slight angle.

It is best to make a composition with an assistant, since a bouquet of tangerines is not a bouquet of air field daisies. One and a half kilograms of orange happiness is not so easy to hold in your hands, and it’s also necessary to twist it. One piece of advice: don’t hesitate to call your family for help.

Making a New Year's Bouquet. Very Simple And Tangerine-Flavored

The finished bouquet should be trimmed to the height of tangerines and fir twigs. There is one trick: stand with a bouquet in front of the mirror, so you can see all the flaws and correct them. It is correct to say that it is always more visible from the outside.

Do not forget to trim the tips of the skewers, now they are sloppily sticking out in different directions, and everything should be smooth and beautiful. Cut with pruning shears.

Now you can pack a bouquet. I first wanted to use craft with Christmas trees, but in the process Muse suggested that with bright tangerines better combined print of delicate snowflakes. The paper should be cut into identical squares-5 PCs. I have a square turned out with a side of 45 cm, you may have a little more or less, since the dimensions of the bouquet depend on what size the tangerines were and how long you leave the sticks. Put one square to the bouquet (angle up), go in a circle. Then tie the base with a beautiful ribbon.

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Making a New Year's Bouquet. Very Simple And Tangerine-Flavored

Where will such a bouquet come in handy? You can give it to colleagues at work, put it in the center of the new year’s table or present it to friends who came to visit on December 31. This gift is inexpensive and easy to make, but memorable and touching, because it is made with your own hands.

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